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IS CATARRH INCURABLE? Answer No, and for the Following Reasons. The various kinds and modes of local applications for catarrh, such as sprays, atomizers, douches, inhalants, fumigations, creams, ointments, lotions, gargles, etc., etc., have in many cases a soothing effect on the inflamed surfaces, and are sometimes useful to assist a cure; but neither of them nor all of them together ever did or ever will cure a case of catarrh. These things may give temporary relief, but it is useless to expect a cure of them. Catarrh is not a local disease, henee cannot be cured by a local treatment. The only hope of success in the permanent cure of a case of chronic catarrh is to devise some remedy that will stimulate the nerves which supply the capillary blood vessels. There is but one remedy that has the most desirable effect, and that remedy is Pe-ru-na. This remedy strikes : at once at the' root of catarrh by ] storing to the capillary vessels their healthy elasticity. Pe-ru-na is not a i temporary palliative, but a radical ] cure. lts action is necessarily slow, but permanent. ' The reason that there are any failures is either because the catarrh is 1 complicated by some organic disease or the patiƫnt does not take the medicine long enough. The majority of people expect to be cured in a week or two of catarrh that has run for ten or fifteen years. Such people are nearly always disappointed. Pe-ru-na will cure a recent case of acute catarrh in a few days or weeks, but when the disease becomes chronic it takes longer. In no case should anyone leave off taking Peru-na until after writing Dr. Hartman, as a letter from him is almost sure to point out the cause of the failure. A valuable pamphlet of thirty-two pages, setting forth in detail thetreatment of catarrh, coughs, colds, sore throat, bronchitis and consumption, in every phase of the disease, will be sent free to any addressby The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Co., of Columbus, Ohio.


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