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Will The Bosses Rule?

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The Republican party has long been ruled by bosses. So long that it is a little curious to find a member of that party kicking against the rule. Senator McMillan, chairman of the Republican state committee has decreed that Rich, the railroads' favorite, shall be the Republican candidate this year. The Republican convention has nothing to do but to ratify this decree. It is odd that any Republican should object to the regular order of Republican procedure, but that a fewdoisshown by the followinc letter published last week in the Chelsea Herald: Mr. Editor: Is it a fact that the Republicans of Michigan are chattels, and carried around by political bosses to be delivered at any time or place to any man or men? Would it not be better to send our best men to the state convention, not as the mouth-pieces of any Boss, or the tooi of any one man? When the big boss gets up and says to the voters of Michigan, you shall have this or that man for governor, he is reckoning without his hosts, for the time has come with the Republicans of Michigan, when they can't be delivered by the boss! es. If the delegates to the state convention, after deliberating over the choice of a gubernational candidate, decide that some one else is the first . choice of the Republican party, it will mean something. A nomination tendered by delegates who are marched up to the : polls by bosses and deputy bosses, who hand them their tickets, and stand by to see that they vote the right one, or by delegates who have been picked out by state machinists and ofñce-holders because they can be relied upon to obey instructions, and to refrain from thinking for themselves, is a worthless thing. It has no significance. It does not mean that those who gave it really believed that the man they nominated was the best man, but simply that he was the one they were ordered to vote for. Is it not time to cali a halt? And for the goodpeople to say to the Bosses and office-holders, "Hands off?"


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