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Necrological Report

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The following is the necrological report made to the Washtenaw County Pioneer Society, of the pioneers of the county who died between June 1, 1891, and June 1, 1892: Willis L. Potter, June 7th, Augusta, aged 85 years, resident 55 years. Founder of Willis Station, on the Wabash R. R. Mrs. Geer, Ypsilauti, July 18th, aged 75 years. Mrs. Margaret Jones, Ann Arbor, July 17th, aged 86 years. Mrs. Elvira Barlow, Ypsilanti, August 7th, aged 90 years. Resident 57 years. James Coquillard, Ypsilanti, August lOth, aged 54 years. Resident 24 years. James N Hallock, Ann Arbor, August Stil. Fred W. Hartman, Aun Arbor, August. 9th, aged 75 years. Thomas G. Burlingame, Ann Arbor town, August 9th, aged 50 years. Resident 37 years. Mrs. Wm. N. Stevens, Ann Arbor, August 8th, aged 77 years. Silas W. Southard, Augusta, August lOth, aged 72 years. Henry Olsaver, Webster, August llth, aged 73 years. Mrs. Jane S. Crane, Ypsilanti, August 29th, aged 67 years. Mrs. H. H. Wilber, Superior, Sept. 7th, aged 85 years. Resident 55 years. Charles King, ipsuituni, oepi. 11111, aged 68 years. Resident 54 years. Rev. Ben. S. Day, Ann Arbor, Oct. 17th, aged 84 years. Mrs. Peter D. Woodruff, Ann Arbor, Oct. 26th, aged 75 years. Mrs. Dennis, Ypsilanti town, Oct. 18tli, aged 76 years. Peter Dickerson, Ypsilanti town, Nov. 4th, aged 81 years. Resident 37 years. Ben. F. Bennet, Superior, Nov. 2nd, aged 59 years. Resident 50 years. Charles H. Wheeler, Joliet, 111., Nov. lst, aged 77 years. William Reynolds, Ypsilanti, Nov. lOth, aged 55 years. Resident over 50 years. Mrs. M. F. Edwards, Ypsilanti. Mrs. Ruby Farr, Ypsilanti, Oct. 24th, aged 79 years. Resident 46 years. Mrs. C. M. North, Sylvan, Nov. 23rd, aged 79 years. Mr. Cushrnan, Sylvan, Nov. 24th, aged 73 years, 6 months. Mrs. Abigail Gromman, Ypsilanti, Dec. 14th, aged 86 years. Mrs. Fannie E. Morgan, Augusta, Dec. 4th, aged S2 years. Resident 56 years Mrs. O. E. Potter, Ypsilanti, Dec. 21st, aged 50 years. Resident of state 50 years. Henry Paul, Pittsfleld, Dec. 20, aged 51 yeais. Donald McIntyre, Ann Arbor, Dec. 21st, aged 84 years. Resident 46 years. David Moore, Ypsilanti, Dec. 23rd, aged 73 years. Mr. Martha Foster, Ann Arbor, Dec. 28th, aged 96 years. Mrs. A. Guild, Ypsilanti, Dec. 26th, aged 77 years. Resident 38 years. Mrs. H. VonBlarcum, Augusta, Dec. 28tli, aged 73 years. Geo. G. Rogers, Ypsilanti town, Dec. 28th, aged 70 years. Mrs. Richard Williams, Ypsilanti town, Dec. 30th, aged 78 years. Resident 65 years. Leopold Blaess, Lodi, Dec. 30th, aged 60 years. Mrs. Maria Fisk, Ypsilanti, Dec. 31, aged 90 years. Mrs. Ellen J. Osborn Miller, Ypsilanti, Dec. 31st, aged 42 years. Lifelong resident. i8g2. Mrs. Adaline S. Morkell, Ypsilanti, Jan. 3rd, aged 82 years. Resident 25 years. Dr. Henry Van Tuyl, Ypsilanti, Jan. 4th. aged 60 years. Resident over 30 years. Mrs. Julia Bacon, Ypsilanti, Jan. 4, aged 66 years. Resident 52 years. Ebenezer Hawkins, Ypsilanti, Jan. 5th, aged 78 years. Resident 55 years. Maria Scott Wood, Lodi, Jan. 4th, aged nearly 95 years. Resident 56. years. Silas Clark, Ypsilanti Jan. 8th, aged 64 years. Resident 50 years. John S. McDowell, Ypsilanti town, Jan. 12th, aged 64 years. Life-long resident. Albert H. S. Curtis, Shell Lake, Wis., Jan. 3rd, aged 67 years. Jonathan Clair, Ann Arbor, Jan. 5, aged 77 years. Peter Tagge, Ann Arbor, Jan. 4th, aged 75 years. "Mrs. Hannah Thompson, Ypsilanti, Jan, 7tht aged 92 years. Resident 61 years. John F. Sipfley, Ann Arbor, Jan. 7, aged 85 years. Resident 48 years. Mrs. Catherine M. Holmes, Mount Morris, N. Y.. Jan. 3rd, aged 77 years. Resident 35 years. George Elliot, Ypsilanti town, Jan. 17th, aged 59 years. Resident 56 years. Mrs. Harriet F. Groves, Northfield, Jan. 18th, aged 62 years. Life-long resident. Mrs. Marv Mosher, Ypsilanti, Jan. 14tu, aged 84 years. Rev. George Simons, Ypsilanti, Jan. 18th, aged 68 years. Mrs. Sichenger, Ypsilanti, Jan. 20th, aged SB years. Mrs. Sally Whitmore, Ypsilanti, Jan. 9th, aged 86 years. Mrs. Susan Rice, Ypsilanti, Jan. 23, aged 88 years. Resident 55 years. Mrs. Julia Christie, Ypsilanti, Jan. 24 th. Aged 86 years. Mrs. Aune M. Van Cleve, Jan. 28th, aged 75 years. Resident 61 years. Capt. Prescot M. Skinner, Ypsilanti, Jan. 31st, aged 50 years. Life-long resident. Mrs. Polly Powers, Augusta, Jan. 31st, aged 70 years. Resident 57 years. Elisha Comstock, Ogeinaw Co., Jan. i'Stli, aged 83 years. Resident 40 years. Mrs. Susan McKinstry, Ypsilanti, Feb. 8th, aged 72 years, Resident ü" years. Min. I). C. Gaerin, Sylvan, Feb. 3rd, aged 78 years. Mrs. John S. MeDowell, Ypsilanti town, Feb. llth, aged 60 years. Thomas Burton, Ypsilanti town, eb. 14th, aged 65 years. Resident 40 years. l,I(in. Chulés II. Richmond, Ann Arbqr, Feb. 22nd, aged 71 years. Eesident S4, years. Anson .Wheeler, Northfield, Feb. It6h, aged 61 years. Resident 54 years. Levi Fuller, York, Feb. 4th, aged 69 years. Resident 59 years. Laura M. Ford, Ypsilanti, Feb. 24th, aged 90 years Resident 59 years. Mrs. Melinda K. Lay, Ypsilanti town, March l0th, aged 80 years. Resident 58 years. Joseph McGuinnes, Dexter; March 17th, aged 70 years. Mrs. Joseph Jones, Ann Arbor, March 17th, aged 87 years. Augustus Markham, Ann Arbor, March 25th, aged 85 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Barbara Laubengayer, Ann Arbor, March 26th, aged 73 years. Resident 59 years. Mrs. Barbara Krause, Ann Arbor, March 27th. aged 77 years. Mrs. C. M. Perry, Ypsilanti, April lst, aged 82 years. Resident 59 years. Geo. W. Gale, Superior, April 16th, aged 78 years. Resident 59 years. REPORTED BY MORRELL GOODRICH, DEXTER. Andrew J. Sutherland, Ann Arbor, June 5th, aged 66 1/2 years. Resident 61 years. John S. Baker, Sylvan, June 16th, aged 75 years. Resident 53 years. Mrs. M. A. Ballard, Ypsilanti, June l7th. aged 68 years. Resident 61 years. James Tuffs, Dexter, June 25th, aged 84 years. Resident 51 years. George Collins, Ann Arbor, June 26th, aged 86 years. Resident 55 years. Judge Thomas Ninde, Ypsilanti, June 30th, aged 75. Resident 35 years. William Tubbs, Scio, July 2nd, aged 64 years. Resident 55 years. William Bush, Ann Arbor, July 2nd. Mrs. Barney Keenan, Ann Arbor, July 24th. Thomas Parks, Webster, July 31st, aged 85 years. Resident 60 years. Mrs. Catherine Conklin, Dexter, August lst, aged 59 years. Resident 50 years. Mrs. Henry Van Atta, Dexter, August l0th. James Smith, Scio, August 17th, aged 45 years. Resident 45 years. Mrs. Mary Cosgrove, Ypsilanti, August 22nd. B. A. Dolbe, Superior, August 30th, aged 73 years. S. Y. Hickman, Superior, August 30th, aged 37 years. Resident 37 years. Samuel Huxfon, Lima, Sept 2nd, aged 85 years. Resident 63 years. John Kenney, Webster, Sept. 17th, aged 69 years. Resident 63 years. David H. Waite, Scio, Sept. 18th, aged 78 years. Resident 53 years. Read H. Hammond, Lima, Oct. 6th, aged 71 years. Resident 50 years. Benj. W. Waite, Dexter, Oct. 15th, aged 80 years. Resident 53 years. Stephen Jacobs, Ann Arbor, Oct. 23rd. Mrs. Christine Craig, Ypsilanti, Sept. 28th, aged 80 years. Mr. O. L. Warner, Ann Arbor, Nov. 2nd, aged 81 years. Resident 50 years. Garry Briggs, Dexter, Nov. 5th, aged 80 years. Resident 58 years. James Beasley, Chelsea, Nov. oth. James B. Thurber, Webster, Oct. 31st, aged 67 years. Resident 40 years. Mrs. Betsey Whaley, Dexter, Oct. 31st, aged 79 years. REPORTED BY THOMAS HOLMES, OT"' CHELSEA. l8gi. Mrs. Sarah Killam, Sylvan, May 2nd, aged 74 years; resident 59 years. John II. Barker, Sylvan, June lOth, aged 74 years; resident 53 years. A. F. Woodin, Chelsea, June lOth, aged 75 years; resident 35 years. Isaac Letts, Unadilla, July 8, aged 76 years; resident 49 years. Ann M. Burchard, Chelsea, Oct. lst, aged 63 years; resident 45 years. James Beasley, Chelsea, Oct. 28th, aged 72 years; resident 34 years. Geo. M. Stapish, Sylvan, Oct. 24th, aged 69 years; resident 50 years. O.A. Wilsey, Lyndon, Nov.8th, aged 71 years; resident 57 years. Horace A. Smith, Chelsea, Dec. lOth, aged 77 years; resident 56 years. Henry Steinbach, Chelsea, Dec. 31st, aged 73 years : resident 37 years. i8ga, John R. Mooie, Lyndon, Jan. 28th, aged 71 years; resident 48 years. Olive Doyle, Chelsea, Jan. 4th, aged 69; resident 57 years. Luda C. Guerin, Chelsea. Feb. 3rd, aged 78 years; resident 38 years. Mary Foster, Chelsea, April 6th, aged 44 years; resident 44 years. Edwin S. Gortop, Chelsea, Mar.24th, aged 58 years; resident 58 years. Edward Moran, Lyndon, April 7th, John O'Connor, Sylvan; resident 40 years. Polly D. Clark, Lyndon, April 12th, aged 86 years; resident 60 years. Wm. Barker, Leslie, May 6th, aged 77 years; resident 54 years. Reuben Gage, Sylvan, May 29th, aged 73 years; resident 56 years. REPORTED BY MORREL GOODRICH, DEXTER. John Vaughn, Webster, November 2nd, aged 33 years; resident 38 years. Matilda Weston, Webster, November 18th, aged 62 years; resident 55 years. Mrs. Olsaver, Webster, November 17th. Mrs. Crittenden, November 17th, aged 102 years. Helen E. Clarke, Dexter village, November 19th, aged 54 years; resident 54 years. C. Cushman, Sylvan, November 24th, aged 73 years; resident 57 years. Mrs. Partridge, Lima, Nov. 25th, aged 70 years; resident 50 years. Mrs. Elniira Litchfleld, Webster, Dec. 2nd, aged 64 years; resident 56 years. Mrs. Hummel, Chelsea, Dec. 3rd,aged 65 years; resident 40 years. Mrs. Charles Jeffries, Dexter village, Dec. 5th, asied 78 years; resident 55 years. Mrs. Lucy Whitaker, Dexter village, Dec. 16th, aged 57 years; resident 55 years. William Culy. Scio, Dec. 16th, aged 47 years; resident 47 years. 1852. Mis. 1 layes, Dexter village, Jan. 9th, I aged S7 years. Mrs. Mary A., Dexter village, Jan. 11 tli, aged 82 resident 50 years. Mrs. Emily Henry ,Dexter, Jan. 14th, 1 aged 68 years: resident 59 years. Patrick Siülivan, Webster, Jan. 14th, aged 87 years; resident 56 years. Mrs. Catherine Williams, Webster, Jan. lSth, aged 60 years; resident 60 years. Mrs. Louise Jedele, Dexter, Jan. 20th, aged 43 years; resident 43 years. Elijah W. Morgan, Ann Arbor, Jan. 21st aged 87 years; resident 62 years. Randolph Rogers, Rome, Italy, Jan. 15th aged 66 years. Emanuel Glimpse, Bridgewater, Jan. 19th aged 78 years; resident 56 years. Charles Stollsteimer. Ann Arbor, Jan. 20th. Mrs. Drake, Lodi, Jan. 22nd, aged 85 years: resident 60 years. Mrs. Catherine Fitzgerald, Dexter, Jan. 22nd, aged 85 years; resident 60 years Mrs. Lavina Phelps, Dexter, Jan. 24th, aged 49 years; resident 48 years. Mr. Ezra Glimpse, Bridgewater, Jan. 26th, aged 71 years; resident 56 years. Jacob Y. Hawks, Dexter, Jan. 31st, aged 85 years; resident 56 years. Mrs. Hannah Starks, Webster, Jan. 31st, aged 89 years; resident 65 years. Mrs. Samuel Clements, Lima, Feb. 3rd; came to Lima 1825. Mrs. Mary Cronin, Dexter, Feb. 6th, aged 60 years; resident 60 years. James Burns, Scio, Feb. 6th, aged 90 years: resident 40 years. William Stevens, Dexter, Feb. 7th, aged 70: resident 50 years. Elisha Cranson, Webster, Feb. 9th, Bed 71 years; resident 50 years. Ansoii Wheeler, Koithfield, Feb. Bth, aged 60; residence 53 years. ■Oscar Guerren, Lima, Feb. 16th, aged Ht years; resident 5(5 years. ■Mrs. Effie Moore, York, Feb. 17th; Bsident 56 years. ■Merchant II. Goodrich, Ann Arbor, ■eb. 17th, aged 67 years; resident 65 Hars. ■ Amos Spokes, Ann Arbor, Feb. 20th, Hpced 67 years. ■Sarah C. Danglei, Pittsfleld, Fel ■ini. aged 68; resident 55 years. ■ Nicholas Mallet, Ypsilanti, Feb. 26th, ■jed 79: resident 66 years. ■ Mrs. Almira Phelps Sill, Dexter, Barch 24th, aged 82 years; resident 64 Hears. ■ Christian Hoffstetter, Anu Arbor, Barch 27th, aged 72 years; resident 50 Hars. . ■ Mrs. Elizabeth Royer, Arm Arbor, Bsarch 27th, aged 72 years; resident 50 Hears. ■ Mrs. Louisa Sackett, Ann Arbor, Blarch 27th, aged 75 years; resident 55 Bars. ■ Mrs. Julia Iloward, Ann Arbor, Blarch 89th, aged 77 years; resident 50 Be ars. I Mrs. Ann Booth, Dexter, April 9th, ■ged 83; resident 25 years. I John S. Jackson, Ypsilanti, April Both, aged 93; resident 40 years. BMrs.LoisA. Waite, Dexter, April Brth, aged 79 years; resident 53 years. f Simeón Nofan, Dexter, May lst, aged Hl years; resident 40 years I Mrs. Margaret Kellogg. Dexter,May, Hged 80; resident 40 years. ■kEI'OKTED BY A. II. HOTCHKIN, SALINE. i8gi. I Mrs. Anna Ehnis, Saline, June 22nd, ■aced 94 years. i Mrs. Thomas Shavv, Saline, Oct. 4th, ■aged 74 years. I Mrs. Lenora Kelley, York, Oct. 24th, aged 86 years. Michael Stierle, Saline, Oct. 27, aged 58 years. Mrs. Matilda Martin, Saline, Nov. l8th, aged 54 years.
Mrs. Emma E. Clark, Saline, Jan. l2th, aged 44 years. P. Preston, Lodi, Jan. 15th, aged 74 years. Mrs. Jane Kite, Saline, Jan. 15th, aged 84 years. William Donaldson, Saline, Jan. 22nd, aged 81 years. Mrs. Rachel Philips, Saline, Jan. 23rd, aged 82 years. John Easterly, Saline, Feb. 7th, aged 53 years. Charles Murray, Saline, Feb. 20th, aged 50 years. Norman Fowler, Saline, March 15th, aged 85 years. Mrs. W. D. Morton, York, March 20th, aged 75 years. Mrs. Abegail Cole, Saline, April 22nd, aged 61 years. Mrs. Drake, Lodi, May, aged 72 years. Mrs. Levina Cole, Saline, May 6th, aged 85 years. Mrs. Sarah St. John, Saline, May 12th, aged 76 years. Mrs. Marcia Mills, Saline, May 14th, aged 74 years. Patrick Donavan, Northfield, May 19th. aged 90 years; resident 40 years. John Bell, Dexter, May 21st. Mrs. Hayden, Ann Arbor, May 21st, aged 76 years; resident 41 years. Mrs. Sarah Hunt, Ann Arbor, May 23rd, aged 83 years; resident 40 years, Mrs. Sarah D. Sager, Ann Arbor, May 31st, aged 74 years. Jas. McMahon, Manchester. Dr. Amariah Conklin, Manchester, Harvey Squires, Manchester. Albert H. Perry, Sharon. Mrs. Reed, Sylvan. Capt. Spencer, Manchester. Mrs. Capt. Spencer. Manchester. Mrs. Catherine Brokow, Northfield, Jan. l7th, aged 82 years; resident 53 years. Henry Hall, Dexter, Jan. 14th, 1891, aged 67 years. Total number of deaths here recorded, 212. I This list includes the names of Hon. M. H. Goodrich, an ex-President of this society, and also an ex-President of the State Pioneer Society, the Hon. C. H. Richmond, treasurer of this society, and Randolph Rogers, the distinguished sculptor, an early resident of Ann Arbor, who departed this life at Rome, Italy, the 15th of Jan., at the age of 66 years. Judge Thomas Ninde, of Ypsilanti, alsb with many more noble men and women who helped to make Washtenaw County what she is, have finished their labors and are at rest, leaving as a rich legacy to us who still remain the memory of pure and spotless lives, devoted to the work of upbuilding every good cause. Their labors have made the wilderness to bud and blossom as the rose, the desert wild where they made their early home a veritable garden of the Lord. Their lives so true, so beautiful, so good, call to us to emulate their virtues and follow their example, and thus to keep green their memory in all the days to come. To Mr. Morrel Goodrich, of Dexter, Mr. A. H. Hotchkin, of Saline, I am indebted for many names in this list of pioneers who have deceased during this year. Their kindness and care have enabled me to make it much fuller than otherwise would have been possible. I desire to thank them personally as well as in the name of the society for their thoughtfulness and diligence in gathering and reporting the names to me.
Wm. H. Lay, Necrologist.