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Weak, Nervous Men

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.,js_ TOU,who have been luiin,ugfred hv üir ' -ktrtc Belts.' "hel.' y-w. - ferer," "(iajm " ' Vi.euum," " Nervine," ' !r ÍÍ A UnimOADIC Cure." quuck. and -no have found yourseir ,- M nUNUnnDLC ing and wr-, you, who have given ím ' , . w de'-pair payinff. " I um looined; there uo Loro "aSf Wf tor me;" to you I say: l'P, and SAVE 'I)I ESBÉ.F! TI1EKK IS BO"! ! fi ff!?) THKKK IS i CÜBE! No mMer what you have taken or who has taid m to cure you, write mi, a f uil hlitory of your ct-je ■ jLriÍBLk and send for Book (free) CHfPECCCI5l d (JaMtion LUt. Wy 'l Thoussndii ('ured, OuUbtOülUL Fortv r' exptrlrnrfl. Nik 'I Consult tue Old Doctor All Private, Hercou Ag, ■ ' V CHBONIC DISKASKS of pithpr nx skillfull} aiid successfully treat. d m d J ' fjlh. a cure gnaruiitífld in every curnble c'iav Mnrried men or those boni u. P BHtii'QBI mrrj, who dread their weakness or incapacity, or whose blood isioaded &.ÍM BhB' with Impurlties transmissible to offspriLR, shonld - - - H ■P' coasult the celebratea Br. ('larie at once. TDCJTUC!i!T "WHBBiRP'' sultation personally or by Ibttor, f ree and I Ln I ITILli I i, """S" dential. Medicines sent every where, ecure f rom ! Ektabllthed 1851. exposure. A friendiy letter may aid yon and direct you to health. A OR. F. D. CLARKE. Merrill Block, cor.woodw umi, Detroit, Mich,


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