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w r i iir. FARMERS' & WM' M - AT - Vii V RBOR, MICHIGAN. At the close of business, May 17, 1892. KESOUKCES. Loans and dtsooanti $273,101 4:) Stocks. Bonds and -MortgagL-s.ete. .... 6,096 07 Overdrafts 7,0:170! í)ue froni banka in reserve citlte 53,687 Tl Due from Was-htenaw Co 4,11529 B'llsin tranpil 4,963 U0 Furniture and fixtures 3,000 00 Ournnt expenses and taxes paid 2;Z i 4s Interest paid 8,843 17 Check and cash itcMis.. _ 2Ó529 Nickels and pennies 182 2!! Gold coin.. "),H500 Pil vi r coi n 1,882% U.S. and N.itiuual Bank Not8 _. 19,452 (l' Total 47i,5i.O 24 LIAH11.ITIKS. Capital etock paid in $ SOOOOOO Surpluiifund 10,000 60 Undivided proflts lö 557 sr, Individuai;denosits $ 170,fia5 58 Ceitiflcatcaol.dbpo8it lti,101 36 8avin;s deposits... 61,2cü 65 8H8.002 50 Total $47-1,660 24 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I County of Vushtenaw. %" I, Frederick 11. Helser, Cashier of the aliove namtil bank, do soleinnly swear thut the above Btatement is truc to the best of my knowleilire and belief. F. II. üki.skh, Oashier. Subsoribed and worn to beforc me this V3rd dnv of May, 1992. WiLi.üM w. Whkuon. Notaiv Puhlic CORHF.CT- Attest . Ch s. E. Greenk, f Jumes E. Beai,, { Direcmrs. l. F. SCHABUtK, (.


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