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Onions are a paying erop. Sheep are good stock for a run down farm. Garden beans will mis like corn, only not so freely. Rural New Yorker says: "Blue grass will make a better sod than timotby or redtop. It is twice as nutritious is timothy, weight for weight- but it will not yield so much hay and requires a longer time to become established. It is even more nutritious tban orchard grass or redtop. " Bees consume six times as much honey in April as in December. Many bees gtarve during the spring season, because this fact is not remembered. It is said that there are more old well established varieries , of corn grown in Comiecticut than in any other state in the Union. There is no vegetable where the quality of the seed exerts a greater influence in the erop than the onion. Rural New Yorker No. 2 is a potato of I nnusual promise. Nothing is gained by setting sweet potato plants too early.


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