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How The Chinese Cook Rice

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It is well known that rice is the. staple food in a great part of China, and it ia not surprising that the Chinese, who do well almost all that they do, should cook rice to perfection. What ia surprising is that American cooks should hardly ever prepare it properly, for the cooking is very simple. The directions, by a Chinese gourmand, are as f ollows : Wash the rice twice in cold water. The first washing removes dust and dirt; the second removes a thin outside layer of rice starch. Put it in the pan, more than cover it with water and boil till half done. Drain off the water and let it steam slowly for thirty minutes. Each gram will then be cooked, snow white and separate from its fellows, very different from the pasty mass that is too often found on American tables. If it is not to be served at once do not put it into the oven to keep hot. That will dry it out. Set the covered pan in a kettle, cover the kettle and set it on the back of the stove.


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