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How To Feed Young Canary Birds

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The best food for the mother bird while she is setting, and for the young ones when they are first hatched out, is zwieback cnunbled very fine under a roller and mixed with hard boiled hen's eggs chopped very fine. In case there is no grocery near and zwieback cannot be readily obtained, fine bread slices, thoroughly toasted in the oven - not over the fire - may be substitnted. It is not necessary to give the old birds any seed with this while the setting progresses, but there must be plenty of this soft food and of water, and the food must not get stale. The old birds will feed the young ones for some days, but when the young are two or or three days old put boiled rape seed on the bottom of the cage where the young birds can piek it up. In a few days the mixture may be discontinued and canary seed given with the boiled rape seed. Don't take the young from the parents till they have thoroughly learned to feed themselves.


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