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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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A Lodi youth of 15, fell twenty feet from a barn loft, upoa a hay tedder - which is as kicky as a mustang - and is now resting easily and likely to recover. An Ann Arbor lady and a street ar became mixed about the right of way last week. The car was not inured, but the lady received a severe ut in the forehead. Harrison Camp, a skilled acrobat f Ann Arbor township, last week urned a summersault from a load of hay and jabbed a pitchfork hrough his leg, in one act. The Ypsilanti Sentinel deplores the planting of corn on the old emetery lot, which is soon to be a park. The erop, however, is growing strongly in spite of the Sentinel's criticism. The land, there, has a deep, rich sub-stratum. The buffalo carpet bug is biting the carpets of Ypsilanti into bits. The housewives there are going for him with wet cloths and hot flatirons. This destructive beetle takes his name from his resemblance to a buffalo, when the microscope is turned on him. He is as fierce and shaggy in his appearence as his Titanic brothers of the plains. The marshal will now go about his duties armed with a lasso for the cows and a buil dog revolver for the dogs. He is also expected to keep one eye on the saloon keepers, while the other hunts out the man who has not paid his village tax. - Manchester Enterprise. Poor fellow! - he will soon be so cross-eyed that he can see to button his shirt collar at the back of his neck. In a recent Ann Arbor saloon fight, Frank Kapp uncapped the skull of Louis Baker, with a beer bottle and wanted to de capo but was prevented. The logic of the situation demanded the services of Dr. Kapp, who dressed Baker's wound and found the skull slightly segregated, - "fractured" is the common word, but the other contains more blood-curdling tragedy. No further away than just over in Uexter there exists one of the most unhappiest situations in the world. The council had instructed the marshal to pop over all dogs running at large in the village, without a screen on his nose, to strain the hydrophobia out of the air. Then the marshal went out and found Geo. Higgins' 100-ó.ollar greyhound breathing unfiltered atmosphere, and straightway popped him, according to ordinance. Now cometh the said Higgins and sueth the,marshal in $100 damages and the dog-fight is on. As a side diversion the marshal sues the exmarshal in $100 benefits for statements made about him, andgöes for him again for using words on the public streets that shocked the wooden Indian by the cigar shop; and thus the fun goes merrily on to the tune of, "Granny, Will Yer Dog Bite? Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir."


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