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At attempt is being made to persuade the...

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At attempt is being made to persuade the oíd soldiers to vote against Cleveland because he vetoed some unjust private pension bilis. Cleveland signed 1,825 private pension bilis. Arthur signed only 706, while Harrison has signed only 1,400. This does not look like antagonism to the old soldier. The Washtenaw Evening Times thus voices independent sentiment concerning our probable nominee for Congress: The action of the Washtenaw county Democratie convention, yesterday, in endorsing James S. Gorman for renomination makes it practically certain that that gentleman will be the Democratie candidate from this district. This was a matter of simple justice to Mr. Gorman, who took the nomination two years ago when there was hardly a fighting chance for election. In many ways Mr. Gorman has made a good representative. He adopted the old plan of "hurrahing for the old flag and an appropriation" and will get the appropriation at the next session. In so far as his efforts in behalf of this district are concerned Mr. Gorman deserves the support of citizens irrespective of party. By this we do not mean that he should be unanimously elected, but that his efforts to secure a public building for Ann Arbor should be recognized and allowed to count against ' some of his mistakes. The Courier in its malignancy against Congressman Gorman, who rolled up such a big majority against the Courier's pet, two years ago, has already begun its campaign of misrepresentation. For instance, this week the Courier says, "He has been in his seat so seldom that when he did go he had to ask 'Where was lat?'" This brief statement contains two downright untruths. First, Mr. Gorman answered at every roll cali from January until July. It is true that he was not present when the World 's Fair bill was voted on, but he was paired with a man who would have voted against it. O'Donnell was not present either. The second untruth is that Gorman never said "Where was I at?" That statement was made by Congressman Cobb. Gorman never had to ask such a question. Washtenaw never had a congressman who tended so closely to the interest of his district before. He got the bilí for an Ann Arbor postoffice favorably reported from the committee and placed on the calendar, where it will be reached and passed next December, a possible reason for the Courier's malignancy. He secured the passage of five private pension bilis for oíd soldiers of his district as against an average of about two for each congressman, and he did more business at the pension department than any other new member of Congress. He stands well among his associates. His record as a working member of Congress has never been excelled by any Courier pet and his first year's service has fitted him to make an even more valuable memb&r of Congress. The business placed in his hands by his constituents has been well attended to as they will all testify and the Courier can make nóthing by slinging mud and misrepresenting Gorman to the people of this his home county.


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