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Dexter Township

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Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. L. James, a son. Wm. Cobb visited in Ann Arbor one day the past week. Mr. and Mrs. B. McCaulay and son Sundayed in this place. Miss Mattie Larkin is the guest of friends here for a short stay. Mr. Plimpton, of Pinckney, was here on business one day last week. Chas. Voorhis and hisson, Ernest, spent Saturday with Scio relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McComb are entertaining friends for a few days. Patrick Fleming has improved the looks of his barn with a new coat of paint. John Shehan, of Hamburg, was among friends here the first of the week. Hiram Butler left last Tuesday morning for a visit with Masón relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Honey have gone to Grand Rapids to visit friends. Mrs. Wm. Sweetman and daughters are entertaining friends for a few days. Miss Theresa Reid entertained her friend from Stockbride:e the past week. Miss Olga Jedele has returned to her home after several weeks' visit at Pettysville. Mrs. P. Lavey had the pleasure of entertaining-relatives from Putnam, Wednesday. Mr. Miller, of Grass Lake, was the Sunday guest of his son Arthur, of this place. Mrs. Wm. Hooker, of Pinckney, spent the first of the week with her old friend here. Nicholas Reid attended the Democratie convention held in Ann Arbor, Wednesday. Henry Fleming and sister, Miss Carrie, were the guests of Pinckney friends last Sunday. Miss V. Miller has returned to her home after a few week's visit among relatives here. Miss Maude Hooker has returned toher home at Pinckney after a two months' stay in Canada. Mr. James Blade and family of Pettysville spent the last of the week with relatives here. Mr. Smith and son-in-law, of Dexter village, spent Saturday fishing at the river in this place. Dick Mallory is thinking of moving his family to 'Ann Arbor, their future home in t short time. A number of the teachers from this place attended the institute held at Ann Arbor, last week. Mrs. E. H. Carpenter and family entertained friends from abroad on Friday and Saturday of last week. Miss A. T. Vincent, after three weeks visit with relatives here, returned to Kalamazoo last Tuesday. Mrs. Anthony Gallagher and daughter, Mrs. M. Hoey and children, spent Thursday with relatives here. Married, on Thursday, Aug. 4, 1802, at North Lake, Miss Bertha Wood to Mr. Perry Noah, both of that place. Ben. Holzsaur, who lias been in the employ of Reider Bros. as a blacksmith for some time past, has gone to Ann Arbor. when he will continue his old work. ■ Miss R. May Vincent, who has been visiting her cousins at this place, left Friday evening for Dundee, where she will spend a few weeks before returning to this place. Mr. W. I. Keal, of Dexter village, is now busy remodeling his store. When finished it will be one of the finest stores in the county. It is rumored it is to be used for a first class clothing store. Quite a number from this place attended the picnic at Haze's grove given by St. Mary's church, of Pinckney, on Monday of this week. Some of the noted speakers of the state were present and delivered some fine speeches. It is now getting about time that our big hamlet of Dexter was awakened by the rumbling of wagons driven by hustling business men from neighboring towns, buying the farmer's produce and paying them the highest market price for their butter and eggs. Don't wonder why the farmers patronize other towns, but wake up and keep your town a booming and give the farmers a chance.