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THE ELIXIR OFjrOUTH! c I jïD ÍAnth I iinnil jpjl ís ulo wortn Uïnifl r, M& , 'C-A-'.jgr ' Tv It isnot ifyonare not In possession of the faU , ÊÊËéZhSliM& """V-v ;' feCultiesforenjoy.Tiff il. We olfcr to the "V, HSSKEfEwvR i1 puhlicH ti ue umi 1 rusïy remedy, the 'fíipfe !uCS{ E e. l:;; r - ' p vcuth, SgRS;' . 'vf'?'i wáKÍ A '"' '' reliahle Rctentiflc fflHlfeim. í 3Ü A l H' 'i ■'.. . ;!, ., ,. ■ Küiirto restore tlievltallty K?S5Y-; - '■'■ "' y'"uU 1( !''■ :- ' ■ re sultnnuK from the }wí.:í?aw . XjBfBKSfiJtó.-1 ! ■ ■' 1'. !■ a positivo 1 '" : ' .-C;ísí-'! '4" íor ; ' ■■ ■ ■ oí POwer. Nilit . , ... j-T", ! liiihuoM ■ i.ii iüe swoin tustimonlaleof the wondorful re-u!t.s prodaeod by thtabhAir, ,lii'.ü í,. ..ííi uuiüurized to show on appucatiuu ol auyone rcquinng uch -j. uji-dlciue. BE A MAN AGA1N. We charge no exhorbltant price, nor do we offer yon a quack no3trnm, but a legitimtc nd sclentlflc preparatlon, whicli wül surely do all we claim lor it. The Elixir is put up la loz. boules, and retal Is for 11. (K), or 6 for $5.00. This valuable remedy will be found on We by all lending druKgists. Eaoh druggtst has on file sworn testlmonialsof thewonderful curra produoed by thls Klixir.and tb.e proprletora conüdeutly refer all in need of it to them. The Cerman Hospital Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, MichP For Sale by all Drnggists.


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