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No one knows better than the faithful pastor, the great valué of sound physical and nerve strength. The strain upon brain and nerve, the physical exhaustion following excessive work, the responsibilities and sympathies with afflictions and the myriad cares make the earnest preacher's duties ardüous and wearing in the extreme. We do not wonder, therefore, at the strong and ringing words of praisc which the eminent divine, Rev. C. D. R. Meacham, gives that most wonderful of medicines, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. When he was run down in health, weak in nerves, prostrated j in strength, and with his blood: badly impaired, he was restored to sound and vigorous health by this marvellous health renewer. Here are the exact facts in his own words: "I avn very glad to say in regard to Dr. Greene's great remedy that when my blood was badly impoverished by an old scrofula humor, and my nervous system was greatly impaired, Dr. Greene's medicine gave me wonderful relief. "At the present time my health is as good as at any time in my life, and my confidence in Dr. Greene's remedy is constantly increasing. Rev. C. D. R. Meacham. PastorBaptistchurch,Townshend, Vt. " We have published the testimoniáis of vast numbers of people who were cured by the use of the great discovery, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, but we take more pleasure in giving to the world Rev. Mr. Meacham's own words in regard to the wonderful benefits he received from this valuable remedy, because we realize that the earnest words of a minister will have great weight with sufrerers from disease, and everybody who reads his convincing words in regard to the sure and remarkable curative powers of this medicine will lose no time in securing a bottle and thus obtain a cure. It is purely vegetable and perfectly harmless, and is kept by all druggists at $1.00. lts discoverer is the well-known Dr. Greene of 35 W. i4th Street, New York, who gives consultation and advice free to the sick, personally or by letter. The sick should use immediately Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, for it is not only the best remedy ever discovered, but those using it have the privilege of consulting Dr. Greene concerning it's effects, their health, etc. This fact alone guarantees the assurance of cure. lï you need a medicine do not fail to take this best of all remedies. Persevering - It was she who drove me to drink. Miss A. (a little weary) - What could she have driven you to that you would have liked better?


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