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The Cook house is being repainted. Remember tlie caucuses Monday evening. Doirt forget the bazaar at the rink all next week. Major Brown was arres ted, Tuesday, for drunkenness. The school board will parchase a set of the Century dictionary. The senatorial convention will probably be held in Manchester. The attendance at the high school is much larger this yearthaneverbefore. The Episcopal services for the next two weeks will be held in Ilarris hall. The Harugari Maennechor have been raising the money for a new flag. The chancel society of St. Andrew's church held a social in Ilarris hal!, last evening. - 3p The motor line carried 1,780 to and froni Ypsilanti Germán Day. It was a big day 's traffic. The Democratie congressional convention will bé held in Monroe, Tuesday, September 27. The colored democrats in Ypsilanti ( hold a mass meeting this evening and make a street parade. Eev. W. A. Iluusberger, of '' gou, will occupy the pulpit of the M. E. church, next Sunday. The school board has employed Miss Purfleld as teacher in the Tappan school at a salary of $300. Airs. Eliza 11. Sunderland will speak at the Unitaria! church, next Sunday morning, on "Jehh G. Whittier." 'Rev. E. D. Kelly delivered the annual sermón beforethe C. M. B. A. convention in PortHuron, Tuesday. Arbor tent, of the Maccabees, will open their new hall in the postofflee block, with a social and hop, about the 30th of this monüi. Andrews & Sou is the name of a new ürm which has opened a grocery store at No. 9 N. Main street, in Fred Stiuison's old stand. Laverene Bassett, Esq., of Detroit, formerlywith A. J. Sawyer, in tliis city, has removed his law office to Room 30, McGraw Building. Get a copy of "Out County Fair," the paper issued by the Washtenaw County Fair Association, and see the long list of attractions they offer. The wall f or John Eisele's new store on Detroit street was undermined by the water during tbe heavy rain on Tuesday and feil in during the night. Alexander Eatti and Joseph Perosso settled the assault and battery case against them before Justice Pond, Monday, by paying $2 and $2.07 costs. Street Commissioner Sutherland tackled tlie washout on Summit street on Wednesday, and it goes without saying that the bridge is now safely passable. A Washtenaw horse broke his record last week. Wilkie Knox, of Ypsilanti, won the 2:2 pacing race in Cleveland in three straight heats, in 2.181, 2.18, and 2.17. Complaiuts for nuisances may now )e made at the city clerk's office. A )ook has been provided for such comlaints, which will be investigated by ;he board of health. The next Gennan-Amexican day ;elebration will be held in Saline. John Frank, of Saline, has been elected president and Augustus Neuburger, of Jhelsea, secretary. The Democratie ward caucuses will oe held in this city Monday evening, ut 7:30 o'clock, local time. Don't fail to be there on time. It is the duty of svery good citizen to attend the causus. Whittier memorial services will be held at the church of Christ, Sunday morning. Prof. Trueblood will read several of his poems and will givesome personal reminiscences of Mr. Whittier. The Dexter township Democratie caucuswas held Tuesday . afternoon. The following delegates were elected to the county convention: Thomas McQuillan, John Gallagher, and Henry Wilsey. Four Maccabees were enlightened as to the mysteries of the Oriental degrec, Monday night. The Orientáis of Arbor tent will soon go to Chelsea and confer the degree upon a class of anxious Knights of that village. The candidates for the Democratie nominatidn in the second representative district are said to be F. E. Mills, of Pittsfield; W. B. Osborn, of Sharon; M. T. Woodruff, of Ypsilanti; Col. Fenn, of Bridgewater; and Dr. D. P. McLaughlin. The Republicans hold two more eounty conventions in this county this year. The flrst will be held next Thursday, when delegates will be elected to a state convention to be held in Grand Rapids, September 27, and the second is the county norninating convention to be held October 4. The following names have been mentioned for the Democratie nomination as representative from this representativo district: Supervisor Philip Duffy, of Northfield; Judge W. D. Harriman, Ilon. Charles H. Manly, Charles II. Kline, esq., and ex-County Clerk Fred A. Ilowlett, of this city. Thirty years ago,'in 1862, the following nained men enlisted in the Union army and "went together to the front: W. D. Willsie, David Holmes, C. G. Cook, W. W. Derby, "Shorty" Bartlett, Jared Pond, William Action. and Jas. B. Saunders. Of these eight but half are cow living, viz., Messrs. Cook, Saunders, Action, and Derby. They were all printers. Mrs. Mary Ilolïmann, wit'e of Ferdinsnd Hoffniann, died at their home at 76 Napoleon street, Detroit, on Thursday of last week, aged 61 years and 5 montbs. Her husband and a large family of growu-up cbildren survive her. ïhe funeral took 'place from the family residence on Sunday. Mrs. Hoffmann was a sister of Mrs. ,1. Adam Dieterle, of this city, and formerly resided here. Ilon. Charlea R. Whitman has been itivited by the Democratie national committee to make a number of speeches for them. The state comrnittee is loth to let hiin eo as they desire to book Mm for a number of speeches in this state. As Mr. Whitman is not in the city we have been unable to learn whether or not he will accept the invitation of the national committee. The school board, Monday night, reorganized by re-electing Christian Mack, president; W. W. Whedon, secretary, and L. Gruner, treasurer. ïhe following cominittees were appointed: Teachers and text books, W. B.Smith, J. E. Beal, and C. Mack. Buildings and grouads, J. T. Jacobs, L. Gruner' E. II. Scott. Finance, P. Bach, J. V. Sheehan, "VV. W. Whedon. Library, J. E. Beal, W. W. Whedon, C. Mack, Supt. Ferry. The A. A. A. U. V. bazaar will be beid at the Palace rink next week, beginning Monday, September 19. and ending Saturday, September 24. A musical programme will be given every evening. The bazaar will be well worth attending and you should be on hand. All parties who have made donations for the fair should see tliat the articles donated are delivered to the conimittee which secured them today. Don't forget the bazaar. Ilere is prompt official action for you. On Tuesday evening, at seven o'clock, a resident of Summit street persoually notiiied William II. Mclntyre, of the Board of Public Works, that the heavy rainsof Monday night and Tuesday had resulted in a dangerous washout at the new bridge over the mill-race on that street. Mr. Mclntyre imniediately went out to find the street commissioner, and sometime during the blustering, rainy night a lamp was placed in position to warn passengers of the imminent danger. This prompt attention to duty may have saved the city heavy (bunages, as tliis is a very dark spot at night, and the washout extended to the center of the street.


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