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Tomorrow is field day at the Normal. There are over twenty bicyclists in Milan. Insects are doing considerable damage to wheat in Sharon township. The ninth annual commencement of the Cleary Business college, at Ypsilanti, will be held November 2. A radish weighing 17 pounds has been grown by A. Guerin, of Lima, says that truthful sheet, The Chelsea Herald. The Whitmore Lake K. O. T. M. had a hop at the Clifton house last Friday evening, and, incidentally, a good time. A large number of small microscopes have been purchased for the use of students in the Normal training school. There is a man at Devil's Lake so ; jealous that he gave his wife a ' ing because she said "How do you ! do to another man. Gabriel L. VanWormer, aged seventy-nine years, and Mrs. Abigail B. Reeves, aged seventy-three, were married on the ijth insj., near Azalia. At the Chelsea fair some enterprising Yankee had a "petrified" woman on exhibition to be seen by "men only," and the ladies of Chelsea enter a vigorous protest in the premises. "Leaves have their time to fall," and this is about the time. - Ypsi. Commercial. It is a singular cofncidence that the Manchester Enterprise has given birth to a like pro-, found thought. Young ladies who are in the habit of chewing bits of writing paper, says the South Lyon Excelsior, may be interested in knowing that the price of paper has gone up, on account of the scarcity of rags from cholera countries. Mrs. Martin B. Wallace, of Manchester, died last week from the effects of an operation performed upon her at the University hospital for the removal of an ovarain tumor. The Enterprise pays a glowing and well deserved tribute to her memory. Francis Gould, of York, recently lost over 30 fine lambs by a disease known as grub in the head. A fly deposits its egg in the nostril of the animal, where it develops into a grub and eats its way to the brain, when death ensues.- Saline Observer. It cost Washtenaw county about $300 for the trial of the Zina P. King will case in Wayne county and the "Prince" Michael trial at Ann Arbor cost Wayne countv about $S. Wayne county has paid the difference, and now the twocounties are square with each other once more. - Manchester Enterprise. On Sunday afternoon at South Lyon. Seueral young ladies out driving with horse and buggy. iorse got rein under tail. Young lady driver attemptedto release rein. Tail too strong for her, and yanked her out of buggy. Left arm broken, and other agreeable contretemps. Dr. Batwell, of Vpsilanti, says the Sentinel, has a curiosity in the form of a fish with a bullet imbeded in its side. He went fishing, and this was one of the catch. Some enterprising youth had previously been a better marksman than he knew, but had hit without disabling his game. The death of Win. Van Pelt, of Dundee, at the age of 75 years, brings to mind the fact that his father, who died a few years since at the age of 100 years, drove the first spike in the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R., in 1878. The old gentleman was given a life pass on the road for his services in securing its construction. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. James Seeley, of Mooreville, has sold 29 acres of woods to a Detroi firm at $100 per acre; they take al of the ship timber, Mr. Wilson takes all of the logs left that are good for lumber, and Mr. Hayden all of the wood. Mr. Seeley has the land left. This will clear off the heaviest piece of timber to be found anywhere around here. - Milan Leader. Mrs. W. E. Howard is securing ñames to a petition asking the Governor of New York to pardon her husband, William E. Howard, who was sentenced to Sing Sing for being connected with the Electric Sugar Refining Co. , of which all our readers know. Her petition is being signed bp all to vvhom she applies. - Milan Leader. A Northfield correspondent of the Plymouth Mail has sent the following pertinent paragraph to that paper: "The long desired man came on Saturday with a snake around his neck and a large wagon full of Yankee notions, of which he sold a large amount at just about the prices that the people would have to pay to the merchants here in the village. It is estimated that this hustler took three hundred dollars in money, afternoon and evening. Our merchants would like some protection from this kind of business." Speaking of Professor Goodison, of theNormal school, who died last week, the Ypsilantian uses the following well chosen words: "A man of peculiar gentleness, quiet and retiring, loving his books and his work more than any social distinctions, it was to his classes and his immediate associates in the school that he was bust known outside of the home circle; and many who have been familiar with his bent figure, white hair and feeble step, as he has gone daily toand from the school, have known little of the exceptional worth of the man. His faithful service was recognized two years ago by the bestowal of the degree of Master of Pedagogics." A very singular story almost bordering upon romance, has been told to the Enterprise. Jf brief, it is as follows: Adam Oberschmidt, son of our townsman, Christian Oberschmidt, went to southern California and worked for Mr. Baldwin. He was overeóme by the heat and was insane for a time, but seemed to recover, and on the Qth of August last bought a ticket for Lincoln, Kansas. ín due season his baggage arrived there but no trace could be found of Adam. When the knights templar were preparing to go to Denver, a lady atYpsilanti who was to accompany them, met Matilda Oberschmidt, a sister of Adam's and was requested to see if Adam was not in some hospital there. The lady took Matilda's picture along, and after she arrived asked some officer if he had heard of any such man, and, strange to relate, they had a man in the hospital who could give no account of himself. He had been picked up on the streets. They showed him the picture and he said it was his sister's. Word was sent to Matilda and she informed her parents, and three weeks ago Chris wentto Denver and brought his brother to Lincoln, and they are expected here sonn.