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The Adrián Times is feeling so sore ove...

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The Adrián Times is feeling so sore over Gresham's leaving the Republican party that it calis him ' "Chicago's champion political apostate." The English called our revolutionary fathers apostates and traitors. Jackson wants a new court house and wants its badly. lts papers point to Washtenaw's $So,ooo court house and cali upon their county to get it line. Jackson ought to get in line with Washtenaw, not only in the matter of court houses but also in Democratie majorities. Hillsdale is contending with the problem whether or not it would pay to put in an electric light plant under city ownership. As Hillsdale can contract her lights at $60 a year, it would seem foolish for her to put so much capital in a plant and run the risk of finding that she could make her lights no cheaper than she can be lighted for now. Those who are kicking on the dog tax raised in Michigan will, if "misery likes company," be pleased to learn that in Berkshire county, Massachusetts, the dog tax for last year amounted $8,023.18, of which $4,593.73 was paid to farmers for sheep killed or injured by dogs. That county is distributing nearly #4,000 a year among the townships out of the dog tax to lighten the other taxation. Gladstone has introduced a home rule bilí in the British parliament, which has excellent prospects of passing. It provides for a separate parliament consisting oftwohouses, corresponding largely to our congress and both elective. This Irish parliament is prohibited from passing any laws on religión the amount of money that Ireland shall pay into the imperial treasuryis also fixed. It seems like a tangible home rule bilí. The Ypsilantian thinks that President Harrison made a great mistake in appointing Judge Jackson, the mistake consisting in the fact that Jackson is a democrat. As no republican could have been confirmed before the fourth of March, Harrison could not have done otherwise. But the Ypsilantian thinks it is never a mistake for a democrat to vote for a republican candidate for judge. Only republicans should be party men. Such is the Ypsilantian's logic. The spirit of the delegates to the Democratie convention, yesterday, augured success in the judicial election this spring. Many of the delégate were those who six years ago had voted for Judge Kinne, but they were emphatic in their pledges of support to the nominee this spring. They recognized clearly the fact that to again elect a Republican in this strong Democratie judicial district, would do much to put the Democracy of the county in the same position as that of Wayne county. The next circuit judge must be a Democrat.


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