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An Indian Outbreak is a dreadful thing- indoubtedly caused by the irritating ffects of dirt. Outbreaks, and crime generally, are ïever possible among people who are tddicted to the use of KIRK'S AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP The great soother of angry passions - he promoter of health and : eeling. Cleans everything - injures ïothing- don't be afraid to use KIRK'S soap on the most delicate fabrics. JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago. tasky Diamond Tar Soap A 8"CïSïïïta' EBEBBACH & SON. DRUGG-ISTS AND PHAiJMAUISTfci, No.12 South Main Street DEALERS EN I fng"s, IVÍ edicines, Chemicals, Dye StuiTs, Artist's and VV'ax Flower Materials Toilet Articles, Trusses, Etc. PUKK W1NKS & LIQUUR8 Special attCTition paid to tnu lurnishing of Phvsi;ians, Chemists, Schools, etc, with philosophlca) ind Chemical Aparatus, Boheinïan Chemical Glassware, Porcelain Ware, Pnre Reaents, etc. Physicians Prescriptions Carefully Prepared at ill bours. I RIISEÏ i SïiBöin BAKERY, iöCEBI AND FL0Ü8 AND FEEO STORE, We keep consxantly or. hand 8REAO, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c. For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also keep a supply oí GOLD DUST FLOUR. ;. M. Swift & Co.'b Best Wlüte Wheat Flour, Kye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Corn Meal, 7. ïed, &c, &c, &e.. Al Wholes;Lie hih! Rclail. A enerul stock ol ÍE00SRISS aKD fEOVISIONS :onslnn(ly on hand, which will be sold on as reusonable terms as at any othcr house in the city . 13-Cash paid tor B'ltter, Egsrs, and Country Produce ücnerailv. Ëgr"G.jods Deliverad to a;iv part ot the city wilh out citra ch,ir?e. Riaaoi & Senbolt, Dr. F. G. Schrepper, nm sun Is responsihlo for all the work Ue does in hls line of business. OFFICE: At Kittredg-e's Livcry Stable. Residence, T Fountain Street, -ifVlsrKr ARBOB. Oraer may be left or telephoned to Eberbach's Drujf Sjjore. i .{Óiir incubatorI ', Xlyj5Sy will be in operotkm attlie ' , J3b--TatKBÊr9 WORLD-5 COLUMBIAN EXe-t-IWagmaB, HATCHER that wiU . 1 give yon PLEASURE , " , 1 ANDPROFIT 8end4c. , 'in stampa for new ïlluatrated catalogue. Address: ■ Reliable Incubator and Brooder Co., dnincy, Illinois. ■ EEPOET OF THE CONDITION OF THE mm i mm m - AT - ANSÍ ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At. the close of business, Deeembei 9, 1S02. RESOURCES. Loans and diseounts JS08.18688 Stocks Bond and Mortgages, etc ... 117,31107 Overdrafts fi,li) Due froiu bankB in ressrve eilies ;S!,H!)ö D Oue l'roui other banks and b.inkers 14.31] 11 Duefroin Wahtcuaw (.'o 81,58909 Furnitureaml üxtnres :,000 0(i Ourn-nt expendes nd laxes pftul 2Ji0 08 Interen psid 4.747 13 Cherksand cash items 1.571 71 Nickelsnnd ppniiies 24il Soldcoin 7,58480 Silvcr coin 1.071 15 D.S au National Bank Not-S ,599 Oü Total ---- -$537,324 9! LIAliII.ITIK Capitalstock paid in $ PO.O0O0O Siirplim fuiKl 10,000 Ml Cndivlded proflts 21,00967 Individual dsposits lW,ftn 7T Oeititlcates ot' dtposit 253,8(951 Savinga deposito 75,65414 Total 5;!7,324 99 STATE OF MICHIGAN, 1 Couniy of VruahtenttW, öftI, Frederick II. Relser, Cnshier of the above oanud blink, do solernnly swear that the above statement is true to ibe beet of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. BelsEr, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before inethis 14th day jf Devembcr, 1892. II. A. Williams, Notary Public CORKECT- Attest . Phas. E. Grkene, ■) Ambkoke KEAREy, Directors. Wm. C. Stevens, )


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