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Sulphur Bitters

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U i I IT W1LL drive the humor from . 5 your system, and make your skin ' m clean and smooth. Those Pimples and A Blotches ■which mar your beauty are 1 caused by IMPÜRE BLOOD. ! fl They can be removed in a short , J time, if you are wise and use the , H great blood purifier, Sulphur Bitters, TRY A BOTTLE TO-DAY. B Why suffer vrithBoils? Whyrave 3 -with that terrible Headache ? Why % lay and toss on that bed of pain p J with RHEUMATISM? Use Sul' 3 phur Bitters. They w'ül cure you p 2 where all others fail. The dose is 3 small - only a teaspoonful. TRY IT i 3 andyouwillbesatisfied. Theyoung, 5 the aged and tottering are soon made , 3 well by its use. Kemember Tíhat Jj you read here, it may save your life, Sitl-.asSAVED HUNDREDS. If you are suffering from Kidney ■ % Disease, and wish to live to old aae, 2 use Sulphur Bitters. They never fail j to cure. Get it of your Druggist. SF DON'T WAIT. CET IT AT ONCE. Sulphiu" Bitters 'will cure Liver jf 3 Complaint. Don't be discouraged; B IT W!LL CURE YOU. F-otid 3 2-ceut stampa to A. P. Orijwav & Co., Bcston, Mass., for best medical work publkhíd '


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