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For Scrofula "After siröering for about twenty-five years frm SEiofulous sores on the ogs andarms,trying various medical courses without benefit, I begaii to use Ayer's Barsaparllla, and a wonderful cure was the resutt. Five buttles sufflced to restore me to health."- Bonifacia Lopez, 327 E. comtnerce st., San Antonio, Texas. Catairh " My daughter was affilcted for nearly ayear with catarrh. Tie physicians beinsi unable t help bor, my pastor recommeuded Ayer's 8ar3aparllla. 1 followed his advloe. Three months of regular treatnient wlth Ayer's Sarsaparilla and Ayer's 1'ilU eompletely restored my daughler's health."- Mrs. Louise Kielle, Little Canada, Ware, Mass. Rheumatism "For several years, I was tronbled with iufl.unmatory rheumatism, ueing so bad at times -s lo be entirely helpless. For the last two years, whenever I feit the effects of the disease. I hegan to take Ayer's Saróaparilla. and have not had a spellf ra long time."- E. T.Haiisbrougli, Elk Run, Va. Forai! blooddiseases,the best r medy is SarsapariISa Preparedliv Dr. .T.C. Ayer & Co., Lowri!, Mnns. SoUl by 11 DragglBt. i'ri. (1 ; si.t botties, $ j. Cures others.wil' cu re ifou


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