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Sulphur Bitters

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j ARE Y.OU Is your Urine thick, 1 low spirited ropy, cloudy, or L H and suffering colored? Doirtwait! ï from the Your KIDNEYS are S cesses of being ruined. Use S W youth? If so, Sulphur Bitters. { LJ Sulphur One bottle of I 3 ters will cure phur Bitters will do j you. you more good than % jaiawiWHirnTfil a!l the Latin :L eriptious of drugs and mineral j gons whicli will remain in your L tem, destroy your bones, and make R you a poor,"weak, and broken dov invalid. No person can remain long js sick who uses Sulphur Bitters. If YOUR DAUCHTER'S FACE is covered with ugly sores, and p ering Pimples, give her Sulphur S Bitters. Ladies in delicate health, r who are all run down, should use g$ Sulphur Bitters. Kone better. Try Sulphur Bit-""""% ters TO-NICHT, ARE YOU f and you will sleep nervous and well and feel better fretty, or ia forit. DELICATE Í Sulphur Bitters health? a will make your blood phur Bitters P pure, rich and strong will make a S and your flesh hard. n e w person Get a bottle now. of you. i Send 3 2-cent stamp3 to A. P. Ordway & Co., Boston, Mass. , f or best medical work


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