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The arrangements for the students are as follows: No chapel exercises. AU class exercises will close at n o'clock. The students of each professional school will meet in their own building at ii a. m. and be prepared to march at ti 15. LITERARY DEPARTMENT. The students of the Literary Department will meet by classes at 11 o'clock as follows in order to proceed to University Hall, under the direction of Major Soule, chief marshal. (a). The resident graduates will assemble in room G. (b). The seniors will meet in room F and the adjacent hall. (c). The juniors will meet in room H and the adjacent hall.jj (d). The sophomores will meet in rooms A and B and the adjacent hall. (e). The freshmen will flock in the chapel. (f). Special students will meet with the classes with which they have most of their work. The classes will enter the hall in the above order and will find seats on the lower floor of the hall, as directed by Major Soule and his assistants. The meeting in the hall will close at 12:30. At 2 p. m. the guests w├╝lmeetat the President's office, and be taken to the hospitals. At 3:10 they will take the electric cars at the court house for Ypsilanti. Inasmuch as the students will fill the hall, citizens are requested to refrain from attendance.


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