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At An English Dinner Party

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Everybody took a lady and pfoces6ioned down to the dining room, but there tlio disputo began. The Duke of Shorediteh wanted to take precedente and sit at the head of the table, holding that he ontranked a minister who represented uierely a nation and not a monarch, but I stood f or my righta and refused to yield. In the goasip column I ranked all dukes not rojal, and said so, and claimed precedence to this one. It couldn't be settled, of course, struggle as we might and did, he finally (and injudiciously) trying to play btrth and antiquitj', and I "seeing" hiscovuierer and "raising" liim with Adam, v oso direct posterity I was, as shown by my name, wliile he was of a collateraï branch, as shown by his and by his recent Norman origin; so we all processioned back to the drawing room again and had a perpendicular lunch - píate of sardines and a strawberry, and you group 'fènrself and stand up and eat it. Here the religión of preceden-??) is not so strenuous. The two persons of highest rank chuck up a shilling; the one that wins has first go at his strawberry and the loser gets the shilling. The next two chuck up, then the next two, and so on. After refreshment, tables were brought, and we all played cribbage, sixpence a game. The Englisb. never play any gamo for amusement. If they can't make someíhing or lose something- they don't care whick- they won't play.


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