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A New German Field Gun

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The new Germán field gun miglit be described as an enlarged rifle, for that is what it really is. The ammunition, like rifle cartridges, consists of one piece only. Ignition is produced by a ready fuse, nd the four kinds of projectiles at present in nse - i. e., shell, explosiva shell, shrapnel and grapeshot - give place to a uniform projectile, an explosivo shell possessing the combined characteristics of shell and shrapnel. Thus the possibility of a gunner niistaking in the heat of battle one projectile for another will be averted, while the loading, aiming and firing besides being quicker - for the new arm is loaded and fired in onethird of the time required in working the old gun, and the effect and precisión are almost doublé - will be surer and. nnattended wit danger. The barrel of -the new gun is made of cast steel, with a caliber of 8 centimeters, and the total weight of the gun, limber and carriage is slightly less than that of the old artillery weapon. Being lighter, the mobility of the new gun will of course be considerably increased. The limber and gun carriage are made of iron and iron plates. The limber box is open behind near the gun when in action. The advantage of this innovation is that the projectiles can be served out from the limber and arnmunition wagon with greater rapidity. Another important feature is that the carriage is supplied with a brake, which counteract3 the recoil, the process of loading and firing


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