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Are you planting trees today. Green Oak has a cheese factory. The new store of M. Boyd in Chelsea is going up. Frank Reidel, of Bridgewater, lost a valuable horse. John Renwick, of Northfield, is building alarge barn. Philip Kress has moved from Freedom to St. Johns. South Lyon has a nevv cheese factory 32x70 feet in size. Miss Mabel Ross is teaching in the Sutton school district. Helber's new race track at Saline will soon be in good condition. Four carloads of fruit trees have been distributed about Chelsea. Claude Hate, of Mooreville, broke wrist, while teetering at school. bert Thompson, of Salem, is runfi_ a monster chicken 'incubator. The Nat fields in Ypsilanti town do not e., it a flourishing appearance. Fences arV d peebies' corners have been ba& damaged by the wind. Some of the farn about Man_ chester are plowingheir wheat under. A number of the farmers gajern have sheared their sheep xhom washing them. The Manchester gun club h_ been holding their annual tourna ment this week. Dundee has a new pickle factory which contracts for cucumbers at 42 ets. a bushel. Supervisor Alfred Davenport, of York, has struck a flowing well at the depth of 120 feet. Burglars were driven away from the Kensler house in Manchester last week by a revolvei shot. A. F. Freeman, the well-known Manchester lawyer, is making extensive improvements on his residence. George Ransom, of Bridgewater, has lost two two-year-old colts from what is supposed to be heart trouble. E. A. Croman, of Grass Lake, has just sheared his 85 merinos and found he fcad 1,302 pounds of wool. Charles Hayner, one of the section crew at Hamburg, was struck by a switch engine last week and killed. There were 1 ,000 defective ballots tVown out in Lenawee county, at the last electi n, according to the Adrián Times. William Van Sickle, of Salem, ■was hurt badly enough by his horse kicking him to be confined to his bed for a week. U. D. Zuzovsky, the Bulgarian student at the University, lectured in Stockbridge last Friday evening on the Greek church. He lectures tonight in Manchester. Burglars captured a fifty-cent counterfeit piece in the till of Griswald & Fitzgerald, South Lyons last week, besides $1.13 good money and cheese, oranges and candy. A Grass Lake lady read a paper recently before the Grass Lake Farmers' club on "How to Cook a Husband." A good many wives in that section seen to be adepts at that already. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Marsh, of Saline, have removed to Lansing, where each has an appointment in the auditor general's office. This leaves Saline without a pestmaster, the office being run by a deputy. The barn of James Moran, of Lyndon, near Waterloo, was burned last week, together with four horses, a hundred sheep, and many farming impliments. The loss is over $2,000 and Mr. Moran had no insurance upon it. The Lake House in Grass Lake will have another story erected on top of it, making it a three-story building. The landlord's name is Teufel. He looks down upon Lord who runs a dry goods house in the i neighborhood. The Grass Lake News quotes Jeff Lemen as saying that there is not an undamaged wheat field within ten miles east of Grass Lake. That covers a good portion of this county. A number of farmers near Grass j Lake have dragged over their wheat ■ fields. The storm on Wednesday night of last week blew down a number of chimneys in Saline and broke a number of windows. Yet no report was sent out that Saline had been wiped out as had been done the , week previously. The Munchausen had gone to sleep.


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