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Chelsea's peach buds are all right. The Dundee cheese quarry was started again last week. An effort is being made to procure a soldiers' monument at Ypsilanti. The girls having given it up, the boys of Pinckney have organized a brass band. . The democrats of Ann Arbor let tail go with the hide, and lost some aldermen and supervisors. Mumps, chicken pox and scarlet fever recently closed the schools and churches of Milan. At present the score stands in favor of "Old Nick." The Ann Arbor Argus made a good fight during the late camgaign; but what could it do with raging ianaticism, stung blind inbotheyes? "V # John W. Bennett, republican, beats Butts of Ann Arbor, for justice. Quoth Bennett, '"But me no Butts.' He's been in once; now see me go it!" Rheumatism prevented Prof Trueblood, of the university, from last week meeting his class. At this season of the year he should take something to make true blood. Mutton-killingdogsentirely wipec out the tax on themselves in Saline township the past season. For get ting rid of the surplus, they equa our political friends, the enemy. The Normal Mock Congress re cently gave a grand public exhibi tion and prizes. There were five immortal orations; that is, they were eternal, which is the same thing. The Chelsea house, Chelsea, has been sold to Detroit parties. This together with a fight between two citizens over some egg crates, were the only real estáte movements over there last week. Dexter township will pay the bearer 15 cents each for hen-hawk's scalps. Lots of thrifty fellows will spend $5 for ammunation, ten dollars worth of time, to obtain a scalp. Such are the willing sacrifices of philanthropy. A Cherry Hiller, through the Ypsilantian, scores a correspondent, calis him a liar, and adds: "Perhaps tie may have a chance to get better acquainted with us before he gets through." If be has any "pluck" ie will, having been called a no such thing. If the Ypsilanti Sentinel don't quit saying sarcastic things about the "Sawbuck" legislature, it will finally hurt the tender sensibilities of that body. The Sentinel, however, believes in lashing the rascáis "naked through the world." It takes six cars to transport the university exhibit to the world's 'air. - Ann Arbor Argus. Seems as though it would be cheaper to make some of them walk. The professors need a little healthful exercise during the vacation, anyway. Last year's Normal "crack runner," who disproved the scripture which saith "The race is not to the swift," again distinguished his name recently, by winning the fencing and Doxing conests at the University indoor meet. There is something in a name, and the man who shed doubts upon it was a lyer. Ann Arbor, after all these years lavingvoted $30,000 for sewers, the Courier speaks up and remarles with ïne humor: There ought to be a state law and a state constabulary to compel the clearing up of alleys, streets and anes in our smaller towns. Good ïealth demands it. "Lovers' Lane" is the popular avenue where" - thus saiih the Dexter News - -"the young people all )end their footsteps to enjoy the jloaming, and sit out the early evening hours on the numerous horsejlocks that apparently offer irresistable temptations." ■ How cruel to remind us thus of the happy moments gone. Alack the day that aw our youth depart.


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