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Scarlet fever still lingers in Bridgewater. P. McDonald, of Whitmore Lake, is building a large farm. A number of new cottages are built around Portage lake. George Wiard, of Ypsilanti town, has set out iooo peach tree. Wm. Horton, of Ypsilanti, has opened a meat market at Whitmore Lake. Frank Palmer, of Bridgewater, is a juror in the United States circuit court. Two plate-glass windows were broken in Manchester by the recent storm. The Saline Farmers' Club meets at F. C. Wood's, in Lodi, Friday May 12. A company will experiment in boring oil and gas wells near Salem Station. The Methodist Sunday-school in South Lyon is to have an entirely new library. Rt. Rev. Bishop Foley will confirm a large class in Dexter, Monday, May 15. Gottlieb Benzier, of Bridgewater, cut his foot badly last week while chopping wood. H. W. Robinson, the new postmaster at Leiand, is building a new store building there. Dudley Witherell, of southern Manchester, has built a good-sized addition to his house. A flowing well has been struck on the premises of Knorpp and Mayer in Manchester village. An unoccupied tenant house on the farm of Isaac Hobbs, of York, was burned last week. The marshal of .Chelsea earns a whole glittering silver dollar day, and is envied by every business man in the place. Mrs. Emma Randell, of Ypsilanti, goes to the World's Fair as the most popular postal clerk outside of Detroit in Michigan, at the expense of the Detroit Journal. The South Lyon Picket, in endeavoring to build up a reputation for truth and veracity and proving that it prints the most recent news, states that it "learns from a reliable source that the farmers of Green Oak are through with corn husking for the present." Milton Comstock was struck by a train at Whittaker, recently, while crossing the railroad track, and killed. He was eighty years of age and it is supposed that he miscalculated the distance of the approaching train when heattempted to cross the track. He was one of the early settlers of Ypsilanti township, coming there in 1833. Peter Schweinfurth of Francisco died last week on Friday, aged 79 years 3 months and 27 days. The deceased was the father of 13 children, otwhom four boys and four girls, and 26 grand children, survive him. He carne to Francisco in October, 1868, and since then up to the time of his death resided there. Jacob George Schweinfurth the inconceiveably cheeky sucker who pretends to be the second Christ, was the son of the dead man. but the latter took no stock whatever in the ridiculous pretensions of his son. Jake was on hand at the funeral and in a three-quarters of an hour discourse pumped his brains dry, but so far as we can learn nobody left -convinced he was a deity. A large concourse of people attended the funeral. Rev. Grimling preached the funeral discourse. Mr. Schweinfurth was an upright, honest citizen and enjoyed the highest respect of his neighbors and acquaintances. -


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