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Second Wagner Concert

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Who in this city will now have the hardihood to say that Wagner is not triumphant? Two Grand Wagner Concerts within as many months and both of them most eminently successful! When Anton Seidl's great orchestra was heard here. a short time ago it was distinctly feit that a triumph had been scored for the highest musical 'culture in this city, but now the score has been doubled and trebled. ff Mr. Finck, who has so lately sent forth the most notable panegyric of his hero which has get appeared, had been in University Hall last evening he would surely have feit keen delight at the recognition that "The Music of the Future" has become for us the music of the present. But let it be remembered that only a very few years ago this music was declared to be impossible by the best musical organization in Europe and it then becomes clear that a victory of another kind has been gained, a victory for Prof. Stanley and for the chorus. It is safe to say that such a ringing climax as was reached yesterday evening at the close of the chorus, "To Stainless Knight,"has never before been heard in University Hall. Nor was a "ringing" climax the only kind heard: witness the delicate work done in the "Spinning Song" and in the "Bridal Chorus" as well as in "He seems from Heaven Descended." To the three well known favorites, named in the order of our anee with them, JYlrs. iĆ­ishop, Mr. Meyn and Mr. Mills, must be added a fourth - Mr. Towne. Space fails us if we try to make any adequate mention of their work, but we cannot forbear to notice the exquisite rendering of the duet between Senta and the Dutchman given by Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Meyn. Mr. Mills was markedly happy in his part as the king - a part which is often a failure owing to its great difficulty. And Mr. Towne with his clear ringing voice and varied expression has endeared himself to us as the Knisrht of the Grail


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