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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Two universityi law students were ïned last week for shooting craps, which the judge held to be a violation of the game law. A 1,500-dollar fire in the Ann rbor agricultural works. The automatic hay tedder, after being rescued, rushed back into the flames and perished. Chelsea has decided to conduct an opposition to the World's Fair this fall. Fred Tranquill, of Ypsilanti, has ust beenfined $15 for trying to whip an Ann Arbor student. Seems as though there isn't as much in a name as we read about. The pretty school teacher of the Iron Creek región has the ■'lumpaw," called mumps by some medical schools. An arm about her neck could not be worse. According to the Dexter News a Sharon farmer burns the corn stalks and husk, and goes around and then }icks up the ears. J. F. Spafard has purchased the Goodyear house at Manchester and is refitting it throught. All unregstered insects, like the Chinese, nust go. The Ypsilantian has discovered hat it is not good form to speak of a ady as "stylishly dressed," "smarty gowned" being the right thing. as, it's a dinged sight more rickahshay. Ypsilanti people who try to be ■dlled by the cars for the sake of the iamages they may recover, will now lave a hard time with the new doublé ates that shut them off till the train passes. The head sawyer in a Milán mili last week won $20 by sawing 20,000 feet of lumber in ten hours. He did it in eight hours, on a two inch feed, and it was not a "slab-sided" job either. Garry Noble, Dexter's first postmaster, is still alive. He can remember back to the time when the mail was transported on the back of the now extinót hairy elephant, once common in North America. Last week a Bridgewater man went over to Clinton, sat down in a dentist chair and began to shed his teeth. Seventeen was the number he gave up before leaving the chair. The dentist pulled them by the acher. The Courier advises us that an ode to the Press is about to be hurled from the brain of E. F. Johnstone, the Ann Arbor poeplectic. This is so sudden! Had the Courier warned us in time, perhaps it could have been prevented. Supervisor Jim Gilbert, of Chelsea, has been appointed deputy United States gauger for the tenth district. - Ypsilanti Commercial. Wrong! Jim's a bigger man than that. He's deputy oil inspector of the ioth Michigan district. The Ann Arbor Argus takes a seat on the neck of Alderman Prettyman for criticising its bid for city printing; and having so seated itself, boxes his ears without apparently caring whether it hurts or not. It should remember that even an alderman can suffer pain. Instead of slackening the cinch, Dean Knowlton, of the University law department, has buckled the girth a hole shorter on the junior class, who wanted a short term. They won't get it; and they won't get into the senior class either, if they "slide" before the term ends. Goodale, of Ann Arbor, ïmpounded for selling lamplight without a license, has beaten the city in a law suit. The jury said Goodale was neither a peddler nor a huckster. He immediately got on his wagon, told an alderman to get off the crosswalk and cracked his whip on his usual rounds. The Milan Leader last week published a very interesting letter from Ni Uen Ping, of Sanking, China. Stripped of his Chinese appellation and the queue he now wears, he becomes the Rev. F. Knickerbocker, formerly of Milan, Mich., who is doing missionary work among the slant-eyes. A fellow named Hanmer sent a hack for Clerk Brown, of naw, and when Brown was come unto the hotel, Hanmer offered him a chromo, life sighs, if Brown would collect a certain three-dollar judgment he had against him. At the sarne time he shook a big roll of bilis under the cierk's nose. Brown had him arrested under the fraudulent debtor act, and Hanmer paid rather than go to . jail. Said a Dutchman to his son: "Hans, you're kittin too tam smart, too tam fast!'l


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