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E. E. Serviss is building a log cabin at Base lake. A number of new boats are being built for Portage Lake. W. K. Childs delivered a memorial day address at Milford. Linus A., infant son of A. Downer, of Lodi, died last week. E. V. Hangsterfer has put in a handsome new ice wagon. T. D. Moss has been appointed postmaster at Whitmore Lake. C. A. Maynard has just sold a fourweeks-old Coraloid colt for $400. The S. S. C. of the M. E. church give a Keleidescope social this evening. A move is on f oot to have a Deacaness in the M. E. church in this city. The Good Templars hold their annual picnic at Whitmore Lake, June 17. The shoe stores close at six o'clock now on every evening excepting Saturday. The excursionists from Ann Arbor to Detroit Decoration Day filled twenty cars. Mrs. Ellen Gillespie died at her home in Dexter, Monday, aged seventy-two years. Mrs. O. M. Martin had her bed of pansies robbed of plants the other night. Prof. A.H. Pattengill had an ankle sprained last week, by falling from his horse. The Ann Arbor Gas company has been putting in new gas pipes for the University. Justice Butts will today determine whether or not William Stoll stole a gun from David Kay. The Chequamegon Orchestra will furnish the commencement music at the Ypsilanti Normal. George Lewis, charged with tapping the till of Patrick Donovan has been sent to the reform school.. A fire started in the dental department yesterday morning, and before it was extinguished did about $200 damage. Henry Schulz and Miss Alice Osborne were married Monday by Rev. John Neumann. Here's hoping Henry may always have a "fat take." Dr. D A. MacLachlan read a paper on Refractive Errors before the World's Homeopathie Medical Congress in Chicago this week. Robert E. Frazer has been appointed by Governor Rich, circuit judge of Wayne county to fill the place created for him by the legislature. The case against John Howard for obstructing the streets in building a spur track of the Michigan Central has been dismissed by the city. Another break occurred in the Argo Mills dam yesterday morning but was quickly repaired. A large forcé of men are at work strengthening the dam. Mrs. M. M. Tuttle died Monday, of paralysis. She had been a milliner for some years and carried on a large business. She leaves a husband and two sons. II. J. Brown, Dr. C. B. Nancrede and Prof. George W. Patterson were elected delegates from St. Andrew's church to the diocesan eonvention in Detroit this week. The topic of next Sunday evening"s lecture at the First M. E. church will be '"Noah and the Flood." Immense audiences are gathering to hear these lectures every Sunday. M. J. Lehman's house on Grand View came near burning Suwday. A little child started a fire in the woodshed, and an oil can exploding it made matters lively for a little while. The Sunday School Circle of the Epworth League will give a Kaleidoscope social in the M. E. church, Friday evening, June 2. Admission ten cents. Refreshments will also be served. Superintendent M. B. Sill, of the State Normal school at Ypsilanti has resigned his position a$ the head of the school to take effect at the end of this college year. Prof. Sill is a man of broad calibre and his resignation will be received with regret by all well in formed friends of the scliool. The flrst matinee on the Saline Driving park will be held Saturday June 10, the races commencing at 1:30 p. m. The races will be a 2:30 trot, a 2:50 trot, a two-year-old race, and a trot of four-year-olds and under. A band will be on hand, and the fine racing track will be formally opened by good races. The King's Daughters and Sons at the First Baptist church will give a strawberry and ice cream social at the church parlors next Thursday evening, June 8th. A cordial welcome is extended to all. The North Lake correspondent of the Pinckney Dispatch nominates Jas. L. Gilbert, of Sylvan, for President. The Sylvan supervisor and deputy oil inspector is having honors thrust upon him. But why should he not lead the forlorn hope as well as another man y The district convention of the Good Templara met in Saline, May 23, and elected the following officers: Chief templar, John R. Bowdish, Ann Arbor; counselor, Frank H. Spooner, Dexter; vice-templar, Mrs. A. J. Congdon, Chelsea; sec'y, Miss Cornelia Copeland, Dexter; ass't-sec'y, Jas. McGill, Ann Arbor; treas., G.G. Crozier, Ann Arbor; supt. of juvenile temples, Mrs. Lizzie Bowdish, Ann Arbor; ohaplain, Rev. Platt, Saline; marshal, J. G. Pray, Whitmore Lake; dep. marshal, Miss Maud Moss, Whitmore Lake; guard, Miss May Vincent, Ann Arbor; sentinel, II. L. Drew, Saline. A good joke is told'on a young man in Webster. Recently he discovered a large hen hawk in dangerous proxïmity to his iiock of fowls. Rushing into the house for his rifle he reappeared on the scene but the hawk had flown. A careful search revealed a hawk-like object in an apple tree hard by and, taking careful aim, he fired, simultaneously crying. "I've got him, father!" Get him he did, for down came one of the largest Thomas Henry cats in that jart of the tovvnship - a gory corpse[f you want to see Tom get red headed ust ask him if he shuts both eyes when he