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Akbor Text,No. 29Ö- MeelS on every Friday eveninï at eiht o'elook in their hall in the Post Office building. Johnson Tent, No. 783- Meeta on Wednesday eveninjr at eight o'elock in their hall, No. (i N. Main street. Akbor Hive, No. 113 - Meets on Tuesday eveniugs at 7:30 o'elock in the hall of Arbor Tent ARBOR TENT. Two new members since last Friday evening. The next cali will be made on the i5th of this month. The Oriental was conferred upon three Sir Knights, last Friday evening. Congratulations are extended to Sir Knight Will Allen. He is now a benedict. No member should fail to turn out with the tent and attend church in a body on Sunday, June u. The Knights have had the pleasure of giving a "horning" this week. Next week tney will have another chance. About 25 Orientáis went to Ypsilanti last evsning and installed the newofficers of the Wolverine branch. A very enjoyable time was had as is usual on such occasions. The motion to meet on every Friday evening during the summer months was found to conflict with the by-laws and was declared nuil and void. Regular meetings will be held on the first andthird Friday evening of June, July and August. JOHNSON TENT. The members of this tent will celébrate the anniversary by attending the banquet given by Arbor tent on the i6th inst. There shouíd be a full attendance at the meeting next Wednesday, as the final arrangements in reference to attending church on the nth will be announced. There are quite a number of members of Johnson tent who desire the Oriental degree and an invitation has been extended to the Arbor Orientáis to come over next Wednesday evening and establish a branch in connection with the tent. ARBOR HIVE. The Hive did not meet this week. There were two applications at the last meeting. It is expected that there will be a number of initiations next Tuesday evening. The Hive will meet at the chapel of St. Andrews church on the iith and from there march to the church to listen to the annual sermón to be delivered by the Rev. H. Tatlock. The Hive gave a strawberry and ice cream social at the hall Monday evening. There was not as large an attendance as there should have been but a very splendid evening was spent.


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