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THE ELIXIR OFJTOUTHI In f ]Yp UfAnth I Urinfl9 ií( " ld Lllü WiUi bil bllllly u Wm -j&YZS!l F ' TIPiV Itisnotif j'onarenot in possession of the faJl tiES&iË8ï '"'VA ■" faculties for enjoying it. We oifer to the i. MrHrJiS7lfJLoCryf?i y ' h publir a true and trusty ïemedy, the aSíSí EiLÍ3;llROF YOÜTH, ISHÍíxfiEiíaLsryyyKfói A poRitive, Bpoedy, safe and reliable sclentifl" %M faïifcJSHSpfS'ii?? conjiuund, manulacturedouly 'oy skilied chorrv. ; jÊt I Í fflf l-". ir---,1-1.'1 "Ct-' i11'-1'""1 Ue] erlpüonoi aGarmanphyglolan BiiBl88w WPHÜ JlmAl vWesllarantce'Lll'B Elixir torestore the vitallty ■SM0 1!'s ir Spei-marón-hea, Loss oí rciverTO'ight - iTt- aiIC= lmh DO names, but have on file sworn tcsuimonialsof the wor.derful results produced by th is elixir, wliicli weareautüui'izad toaliuw oc applicatlon ot auyone requlring sucia a mcdiciuo. BE A MAN AGABN. We charge no exhorbitant prlce, nor do we offer you a, quack nostrum, but a legitimatp nd sclentlflo preparation, which will surely do all we claim for it. The Elixir is put up in 4 oz. boules, and retallsïor J1.00, oröl'or $5.00. This valuable remedy will be found on ale by all leading druegists. Each druggist has on file swora testimoniáis oí the wonderful cures produced by this Elixir, and the proprletors confidently refer all in need of it to them. The Germán Hospita! .Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich For Sale by all Druggists.


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