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ZBTTST STORE OIF Ladies! We will astonish you with the strength of our offerings during our GREAT JUNE BARGAIN SALE! ' 300 pieces Mosquito Ketting, worth 40c, for June 29c a piece. 25 pieces Lovely China Silks, the 60c quaiity, now 30c a yard. 5 pieces 48-inch Black Gloria Silks, worth $1.35, now 85c a yard. 20 pieces Best Quaiity French Gmghams, now 15c a yard. 2oo yards French Wool Challies, the 75c quaiity, now 50c a yard. 15 pieces Wool Challies worth 25c, now 15c a yard. 10 pieces Flain Black Satín Finish Satines at loc a yard. 15 pieces Assorted Black Brocade Satines at 10c a yard. One case 25 pieces Fancy Salines at 10c, the 15c quaiity. J 10 pieces Gloria Silks and Lansdown, worth $1-35, now Si. 00 a yard. 2o pieces 32-inch Plain China Silks, all shades, worth Si. 00, now 75c a yard. 35 pieces French Percales and Cambrics, for Shirt Waists, at I2ic a yard. 75 pieces ioc Dress Ginghams, for this Sale 6c a yard. 25 pieces Wash Crepés, very pretty for Dresses, at Sc a yard. FIEAO CAREFDLLY EVEBY ITEM! 50 pieces Plaid and Check Ginghams, for this sale 4c a yard. 60 pieces Pretty Challies, for this sale 4c a yard. 45-inch Pillow Cotton, a bargain at 10c a yard. 40-inch Fine Sheeting, the ge quaiity, at 7c a yard15 dozen Children's White Muslin Caps at 19c each. 10 dozen Children's Muslin Sun Hats at 25c each. 100 Ladies' Cambric Wrappers in Light and Dark Shades at 97c each. During this sale ALL FANCY SILK PARASOLS will be sold at ONE-HALF REGULAR PRICE. ÜLL m M H IK UUT M W W 1 - One lot Ladies' Cambric Shirt Waists at 39c each. 10 dozen Ladies' Black Satine Shirt Waists at 75c each. 1 Closing out Clüldren's $2.50 Reefer Jackets at Si. 49 each. '3 ___ ___ _ - - - - - -- - - - - - 1 Ladies! It wülpay you to keep posted on the progress of this Sale. It has been organised soleb to sell goods. I PlIiïPfil T WiIf LeaderS Of


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