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The Faculty Concert, Thursday was a fitting close to the excellent series of this season. The execution in the Grieg Sonata and especially the Foote Quartet was of the highest order, while the works themselves are among the most interesting of these composers. Mr. Schmall's appearance with the viola created a wave of exhilarating surprise that grev into satisfied enjoyment as that gentlemen proved his thorough ability to handle his instrument most artistically. The performance of each member of the faculty was as usual excellent and heartily appreciated by the large audience. PROGRAMME I. I. Sonata. Piano and Vlolin. F major. Op. s, Gríeg-. Allegro con brio. Allegretto quasi Andantino. Allegro raolto vivace. Messrs. J. Erieh Schmall and Frederick Mills. II. "I at thy feet would fain be lying.'. Graden-Hoffmann. Mr. Silas E. Mills. a Seherzino. J from Album { p.lfiprpwski III. bAuSolr, ]üp. 10, FaaerewsJO. c Polonaise. B major Op. 9. Mr. J. Erich Sohmaal. a Bereeuse from 'Mignon." Thomas. VI. b "Thou'rt like a Flower," Liszt. Mr. Silas R. Mills. V. ijuartet. Piano and BtringS. C major. üp. 23, ArthurFoote. Allegro cómodo. Scherzo. Allegro vivace. Poco meno Allegro. Adagio ma con moto. Allegro non troppo. MiasGraOe A. Povey, Messrs. F. Mills. J. E. Sohmaal audF. Abel. The final Pupils Recital was given in Newberry hall, Saturday. The long programme was rendered in a manner well meriting the unreserved commendatíon and congratulation of both pupils and faculty. The programme wasas follows. PROGRAMME 2. I. Slavpfiio Dance. E niiuorOp. 43, Dvorak Miss Louise Fairniau and .1. J. McClellan. II. "Dein," Bohm Mks Francés S. Taylor. UI. "At the Spring," Joseffy Mies .ksio G. Harvey. IV. -'Tliy Hi-amlng Eyes." McDowel Mr. W. G.Povey. V. Concerto, No. 1, DeBeriot. Allegro Moderato. Mr. Ross C. Whitman. VI. Serenade, Raff. Miss Gertrude Wade. VII. a "Puck," I u.ffm„„„ - h -The llill," f HotTmanti. Miss Marthn L. Clark. VIII. Marinella, Randegger. Miss Frunces A. .Iones. ' IX. Cradle Song, Liebling. Mr. Harry A. Oole. X. "Come Love with Me," Duo, Arthur Foote. Miases Anne Richardson and Nora Babbitt. XI. Concerto, D minor, Op. 40, Mendelssotan. Allegro con brio. Adagio. Allegro con f uoco. H ss Edith A. Kelly. XII. I Arise f rom Dreams of Thee, Salaman. Mr. M. Levant Da vis. XIII. Romanza for Violin Strelezki. Miss Alma Phila Bates. XIV, "I will Sing ot Tliy Great Mercies." (from St. Paul.) Mendeissohn. Miss Lucy K. Cole. XV. "LaFilense," Raff. Miss Emily G. Fisher. X VI. Angel Trio from Elijali, . .Mendeissohn. Misse8 Richardson, Jones and Taylor. Catalogues for next year may be secured at the music stores, Ñewaerry hall and the Steward's office. The director desires to obtain the addresses of as many persons as DOssible who are interested in music :o whom the catalogues may be sent.


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