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Til Prï iflf the cheapest. J.1X X CLH1L strictlyLure White Lead is best ; properiy applied it will not scale, chip, chalk, or rub off; it firmly adheres to the wood and forrns a permanent base for repainting-, Paints which peel or scale have to be removed by scraping or burning before satisfactory repainting can be done. When buying it is important to obtain SjbrictH ure White ead properiy made. Time has proven that white lead made by the "Old Dutch" process of slow corrosión possesses qualities that cannot be obtained by any other method of manufacture. This process consumes four to siz months time, and produces the brands that bave given White Lead ts character as the Standard paint. "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" are standard brands of strictljTpure Lead made by the "Old Dutch" process. You get the best in buying them. You can produce any desired color by tinting these brands of white lead with National Lead Co.'s Pure White Lead Tinting Colors.i For sale by the most reliable dealers in Paints everywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a boolc containing information that may save you many a dollar: it will only cost you a postal card to do so. , NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Brodway, New York. Chicago Branch, State and Fifteentb Streets. The Greatsst öay of the Century. Tlie 4=Ui at; the WorUI's Fair. DON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY, for the World'a Fair, besides being in iteelf the niott beautiful spectacle the world has ever seen, will bave au unaurpassed programóte of attractiors, novelties, illuminations and pyrotechnics. The Michigan Central Gots ïhere as usual, and offers a splendid opportunity of seeing theni at the low rate of one fare for the roand trip, with the addition of admission fee into tl e grouDds, to avoid the annoyance of buying tickets in the crowd at the Fair gates. These tickets will begood going only on special train of first-elass coaches arriving at the Terminal Station in the World's Fair Grounds on the morning of July 4th. and leaving there at 10:4-5 that night. Those who desire to stay longer can return within seven days of date of sale of tickets on regular trains Nos. 2, 8, 12 and 16, from the Chicago city stations. Leave Ann Arbor 10:52 p. m., July 3. Kate, $7.25. Frederick Krauae, auetioneer, will attend to all sales on short notice at reasonable charges. For further particulars cali at the Argus office. tf Stifferers from Piles should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and effectually remove every trace of them. Any druggist will get it for you. One day reeently the young son of a Mr. Davis of Boslyn, Va., is reported to have found in a rat's nest a valuable watch. It is of solid silver. it is claimed, with eighteen jewels, a compass and several other features that are not found in the ovdinary modern watch. Wil I Sl M.JT ? w I ' 11 rrK&PiT Makes an every-day convenlence of an old-time luxury. Pure and wholesome. Prepared with scrupulous care. Highest award at all Pure Food Expositions. Each package makes two large pies. Avoid mitations - and insist on having the NONE SUCH brand. MEKRELL & SOULE. Syracuse. N Y. Ea(le Brand tlie Bent. Is uiieiuiiiled for Houso, Hurn. Faciory or out-bulldings and costs hall i lie prlce t sln?itiles, tin oriron. It ts rearly tor use and eusily applied by anyone. Setui stamp lor samples ana Btate slze of roof. EXCKIálOH PAINT AM) KOOFING CO., l.l)uaiH St., New Jfork, N. Y. KTfyBEST SALVE IN USE I JtUeMlM For Ringworm, Toi;?on, Tettor, !JiBtmMBJ lu-h. Sore Eyes, Barber'e [tch, M9ï gWjMWoinï Ulcera, Piles, Burns. I ÍSJ 1 Warranted to cnrc Kchlng Piles. IdA I V b Ji Bv in nil 25 cents.


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