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Anuos Tent.'No. 296- Meéis on cvery Friday eveiiin;; at eiirbt o'clock in tlieir hall in the Post Office building. ' Johnson Tent, No. Ttvi- Meets on Wcdnesflay eveninff at eight o'clock in their hall, No. ti N. Main street. Akbor Hive, No. 113 - Meets on Tuesday eTOnlngs at 7:80 o'clock In the hall of Arbor Tent. There were 927 tents in Michigan on May 31, with a total membership of 51,889. Great Record Keeper Boynton was recently presented with a fine silver service by the D. G. C's. The Saline Maccabees are getting up a celebration for the Fourth of July. Two bands have been engaged. Twenty-six applicants for membership in Acme tent, of Saline, were examined by the tent physician last week. Some of the Port Hurón tents have adopted the plan of having essays, speeches, singing, etc, at the reviews, which makes them quite interesting. The committee on arrangements for the Grand Rapids meeting are buzzing with all their might and expect the greatest swarm of bees that ever got together. The July number of the Michigan Maccabee will contain a supplement with beautiful half-tone pictures printed on fine paper, showing a group of the executive officers of the Great Camp, and the exterior of the Maccabee Temple recently built in Port Hurón, with interior views of the Supreme and Great Camp offices. It will be a work of art and will find a place in tnany a frame. ARBOR TENT. Assessment No. 50 isduejuly 15. There was one apphcation at the last meeting. The semi-annual pass word will be due in July. The per capita tax and tent dues are due tomorrow, July 1. Funds are being raised for a flag for the pole on Maccabee hill. The Michigan Maccabee credits Arbor tent with 412 members on May 31. Arbor tent and. Venus tent are tie for third place, each having 412 members. The question of an excursión to Grand Rapids is being quite freely discussed. The "bee" editor has been too busy the past two weeks to write, henee the non-appearance of the Maccabee column. Arbor tent will send in a proposition for an amendment to the byIaws to be acted upon at the coming Great Camp meeting. The current number of the Michigan Maccabee speaks in very warm terms of this column, as well as reprinting considerable matter. JOHNSON TENT. Johnson tent was credited with 48 members on May 31. Two new names were voted on at the Wednesday evening review. There will be two or three initiations on next Wednesday evening. Important business urges all members to be present at the next meeting. ARBOR HIVE. Per capita tax and hive dues are now due. The next assessment is due and must be paid by July 15. A good'.y number of Ladies attend the sewing bee on each Friday afternoon, in the hall. The applications for membership keep coming, there being another at the last meeting. Let the good work go on. There will be no meeting of the hive next Tuesday, as the members will be too busy celebrating the 4th to attend meeting.


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