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Mrs. M. F. Stebbins is in Chicago- Miss Amanda Henning is in Chicago. Miss Alice Porter left Tuesday for Chicago. James L. Duffy, of Bay City, is in the city. Mrs. A. S. Carman is visiting in Kalamazoo. O. E. Butterfield left for Chicago this morning. Mrs. W. W. Watts is visiting in Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Watts left for Flint, Tuesday. Miss Flora Goodale has returned from Pentwater. Rev. Max Hein left for Chicago, Sunday evening. Mrs. Margaret Clancy is home from Kalamazoo. Prof. and Mrs. Eugene Lohr went to Toledo Monday. John. Reynolds, of Howell, was in the city, Tuesday. Senator Morrow, of Adrián, was in the city yesterday. Miss Abbie A. Pond is spending the week in Chicago. Aid. D. F. Schairer, leaves tomorrow for Chicago. J. D. Ryan has returned from his suimaer business trip. Rev. Fred Volz, of Saginaw, has been visiting in the city. Miss Ives, of Iowa, is visiting Mrs. Robert Campbell. Prof. J. Erich Schmall has just returned from Chicago. Judge V. H. Lane, of Adrián, is visiting E. J. Knowlton. Sam D. Kinne is spending the summer at Cresco, Iowa. Prosecuting Attorney Kearney goes to Chicago this week. Mrs. Agnes George, of Detroit, is visiting at A. D. Seyler's. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bach left for Chicago, Monday morning. Rev. J. T. Sunderland and family are visiting the World's Fair. Miss Ada Bennett, of Marshall, is visiting at Moses Seabolt's. Supervisor Walter Dancer, of Lima, was in the city, Monday. Daniel Hiscock returned from Chicago on Tuesday morning. Miss Allie Delamater, of Tackson, is visiting Mrs. W. D. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. G. Dibble leave for the World's Fair, Monday. Mrs. Walter Potter, of Detroit, is visiting Mrs. Chas. H. Kline. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Morton returned from Detroit, Saturday. Mr. and. Mrs. W. E. Walker are at Zukey Lake for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Travis returned from Chicago, Monday. Louis B. Lee, of Decatur, 111., is visiting his father, Giles B. Lee. Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Martin left Saturday for the northern resorts. C. T. Garvin, of Traverse City, has been in Ann Arbor this week. Miss Ella Eberman, of Lancaster, Pa., has been visiting in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Van Tuyl, of Detroit, have been visiting E. F. Mills. Mrs. Stephen Pratt has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred H. Belser. E. Weeks, of Samaría, has been visiting his son, George W. Weeks. Miss Ada R. Tomlinson is visiting her cousin, Mrs. J. C. Corson. Misses Tillie, Eugenia and Minnie Mogk are visiting the World's Fair. Ferry F. Powers, of the Cadillac News, has been in the city this week. Miss Belle Sperry, of Terra Haute, Ind., is home for the summer vacation. Miss Alice W'illiams, of New York, has been visiting Mrs. Dudley 1 mis. Prof. and Mrs. R. H. Kempf left Wednesday morning for the World's Fair. Miss Susie Whedon is home from St. Clair, where she has been teaching. Miss Nettie C. Daniels, of San José, California, is visiting relatives here. Wade Doty, of Detroit, is spending the week with his father, A. M. Doty. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hildreth and sons have been visiting Levi D. Wines. Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Hand, of Romeo, are visiting at William Merrithew's. Misses Lucile and Kate Schaefer, of Saginaw, are visiting Miss Ella Meuth. A. J. Sawyer and family have gone to Cavanaugh Lake for the summer. Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Darling and Mrs. Payne leave for Chicago next Monday. Mr. M. B. Hammond, of the University of Wisconsin, is in the city attending the commencement excrcises. He sails for Europe tomorrow. i S. S. Walker, of St. Johns, was among the commencement visitors this week. Mrs. Mayhew and daughter, of Detroit, have been visiting Mrs. W. K. Chikls. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mummery, of Detroit, are visiting their parents in the city. Mr. J. Q. A. Fritchey, of St. Louis, Mo., lit '57, was ia the city this week. '' Miss Jennie M. Lindsay, of Sioux City, Iowa, is visiting her brother Fred C. Brown. Mrs. S. C. Beakes and Mrs. S.W. Beakes are in Chicago this week, at the World's Fair. Mrs. Viva Watson, of Windsor, Ont., is visiting her sister, Mrs. George S. Week. Miss Pauline Wies has returned from Jackson, where she has been teaching school. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Besimer are spending a two veeks' vacation at Strawberry Point. Alfred Huss, fortnerly of this city, now of Monroe, spent Sunday with relatives in the city. August Shreck, of Monroe, has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. VVilliam G. Gerstner. Dr. and Mrs. W. W, Saunders, of Grand Rapids, are spending the week at Moses Seabolt's. Mrs. N. D. Higgins and daughter Allie, of Jackson, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. George H. Pond. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGregor, of Brantford, Ont., have been visiting at City Clerk Miller's. Misses Anna and Emma Haller, of Rochester, N. Y.. visited Mrs. Ottmar Eberbach last week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bennett, of Passadena, Cal., formerly of this city, are visiting friends here. Mrs. Neal and three sons and Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Blake leave Monday for the Les Chenaux Islands. Miss Mary H. Curtiss and Miss Kate Ilginfritz, of Monroe, are visiting.Mrs. Wies, of Washtenaw avenue. Theodore Wetzel has gone to Calumet to take a posltion as pharmacist in the Calumet and Hecla hospital. Mrs. Herbert Lewis, who has been visiting her brother, Prof. George Hempl, returned to Battle Creek, Alonday. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Holmes and d;;ughter Ethel are visiting relatives, on their way to Detroit, where they will reside. Mrs. William Steuffsr, with her three children, of West Point, Nebraska, is visiting her father, John G. Schairer. Mrs. Spain, of South Bend, Ind., visited at Philip Lohr's over commencement. She witnessed the graduation of her son. Mrs. Hattie Gwin, Mrs. Ella Reynolds and Miss Grace Carleton, of Sault Ste Marie, have been visiting Mrs. Alanson Moore. Rev. George Kirn, of Jackson, and his mother, Mrs. Kirn, of Owosso, returned home Monday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John Goetz, sr. Mrs. George A. Douglas left for Toledo, Tuesday, where she will make her future home. A parting reception was given her Monday evening by Mrs. W. J. Booth. Mr. and Mrs. B. St. James, of Kingsley street, ceiebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage Monday evening. The Business Men's Quartette and a number of other friends assisted in the celebration.


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