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J. F. Honey was in Ann Arbor Friday. Mrs. Bell entertained friends over Sunday. H. W. Newkirk was in Detroit on the Fourth. T. Birkett was in Detroit the first of the week. Mr. Monks, of Pinckney, spent Monday here. John Roberts was a Pinckney visitor Tuesday. Mrs. John Howard entertained friends Monday. The Misses Fleming spent Tuesday in Pinckney. John Nall is home from his school at Sandwich, Ont. Mr. Wheeler, of South Putnam, was here Tuesday. Mrs. Chamberlain entertained friends on Sunday. Chas. Bell now has charge of the Postomce at Birkett. Mrs. Matilda Vernam entertained her'friend this week. Miss May Lavey Sundayed with cousins in Pinckney. ïïm. Smith and sister entertained friends over Sunday. John Gavin, of Northfield, was a Thursday visitor here. Dr. Lee will occupy the office just vacated by Dr. Ritter. Miss Rosanna Cope has gone to her home in Ypsilanti. Wirt Carpenter visited in Pettysville the first of the week. A. Simms has returned from his school duties at St. Clair. R. C. Reeve and daughter visited in Ann Arbor, Thursday. P. Lavey and son Emmett were at North Lake, Thursday. J. Ledwedge and family are entertaining friends from Ohio. Mr. Swarthout, of Pinckney, was here on business Thursday. Mr. Pearce and family were at Base Lake last Wednesday. Chas. Schoen has made great improvements on his residence. Mrs. N. J. Keal and daughter Nellie are at the White City. Mrs. Whitehead and mother. of Putnam, visited here Sunday. Mrs. Robert Smith, of Brooklyn, Mich., is visiting relatives here. Mrs. Thomas, of Omaha, Neb., visited here the first of the week. John Schieferstein jr. made a flying trip to Hamburg, Wednesday. John and James Gallagher were in Ann Arbor on business, Friday. Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Ritter are at the World's Fair for a few days. A. Litchfield and wife entertained friends from Grass Lake last week. Campers from Detroit and Ann Arbor are in camp at Portage Lake. George Culy and daughter Miss Maud, of Hamburg, spent Saturday here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nordmán, of Lima, spent Sunday with their son here. Miss Clara Phelps was with her many Ann Arbor friends the past week. Mrs. J. Pacey and daughter Ollie visited Ann Arbor the last of the week. John Foran is entertaining his cousin, from Detroit, for a few weeks. Irving Goodwin, of Ann Arbor, will spend the summer with W. D. Smith. Mr. N. Vanriper, of Webster, Sundayed with T. McComb and family. Mr. Wiltse the harness maker is making preparations to move to Albion. Messrs. G. Conners and T. Harris were with Ann Arbor friends, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarance Alley and daughter made us a short cali on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Glover, of Anderson, made us a pleasant cali on Monday. John Costello jr., of Detroit, was the guest of his parents the first oi the week. Orla C. Gregory has accepted the position as assistant cashier in the new bank. L. L. James and wife and Mrs C. C. James are at Chicago for a short stay. James Gregory has returned to his home after several weeks' stay in Marión. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lavey en tertained his brothers and families on Sunday. Miss Mate Sharpey spent severa days of the past week with Ann Ar bor friends. Mis Rose, of Ann Arbor, is the guest of Mrs. Hill at her cottage on the Portage. Mr. Mowers is erecting a fine cot tage on the Bluffs for the benefit of the campers. Miss Cynthia Carpenter enter tained friends from abroad the firs of the week. Wirt Newton has returned to Chicago after several days stay with friends here. Miss Nellie Newkirk entertained her friend from abroad several days ' the past week. Thomas Sheehatr, of Hamburg, ; was the guest oí bis grandrnother i last Saturday. Mrs. A. Lathrop entertained the Ladies Society of the M. E. Church on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. ,B. Hopkins and hildren spent Wednesday with Chelsea friends. David Brearley and family, of Madilla, visited friends here the first of the week. Miss Carrie Taylor attended commencement exercises af the University last week. L. Tubbs and family entertained a number of their friends from abroad last week. A company of young people from Webster held a picnic at the Portage Saturday. Dr. T. J. Ritter has gone to Wadworth, Ohio, where he will practice medicine. i Mr. William Clay, of England, is spending a few .weeks with Agur Taylor and family. Mrs. George Carpenter and baby, of Ann Arbor, visited relatives here the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, of Ann Arbor was the guest of friends here the first of the week. Charles Chamberlain was the guest of Mr. Goodwin's family in Ann Arbor last week. Mr. Charles Voorhis accompanied by the Misses Ferris spent the Fourth in Jack son. Mr. and Mrs. R. Copeland and family with a number of their friends were at the lakes fishing. Mr. and Mrs. William Cobb sr. entertained their daughter and children from Jackson last week. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Alley and daughter Miss Grace visited in Pinckney the first of the week. The Willing Workers of the Congregational Church met with Mrs. H. K. Sedgwick on Wednesday. Miss M. McGuinness closed a very successful term of school in Boyden's district today, Friday. Mr. Palmer and family, from Howell, with a number of their friends are in camp at the Bluffs. Mrs. Wm. Sweetman has returned home after several days' stay with her daughters in Livingston county. The remains of Mrs. T. C. Stickney were brought from Grand Rapids to this place for burial last Wednesday. A number from here attended the commencement exercises of the Pinckney high school last Wednesday evening. A change has been made in the carrying of the mail between Dexter and Birkett, being carried three times a week. A number from here attended the Catholic picnic at Whitmore Lake and others took in the sights at [ackson on the Fourth. The remains of Michael Agin were brought to this place last Saturday morning and services held from St Joseph 's church on Monday.