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Must Cut Down Canada Thistles

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Supervisor Duncan, of Northfield, is sending around to the overseers of highways in Northfield copies of the law relating to Canada thistles and the responsibility of owners of land and highway commissioners relating to them. As Canada thistles can only be exterminated by a united effort, the people of the county in other townships as well as Northfield should have their attention called to the law, which is found in Howell's Statutes, sections 2233 to 2239, and is as follows: 2233. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That it shall be the duty of every owner, possessor, or occupier of land, to cut, or cause to be cut down, all the Canada thistles growing thereon, or on the highway passing by or through the same, so often in each and every year as shall be sufficient to prevent them going to seed; and if any owner, possessor, or occcupier of land shall, knowingly, suffer any such Canada thistle to grow thereon, and the seed to ripen, so as to cause or endanger the spread thereof, he shall, on conviction, be Hable to a fine of ten dollars for every such offense. 2234. It shall be the duty of the overseer of the highways in any township to see that the provisions of this act shall be carried out within their respective highway districts, and they shall give notice to the owner, possessor or occupier of any land within said district whereon Canada thistles shall be growing and in danger of going to seed, requiring him to cause the same to be cut down within five days from the service of such notice, and in case such owner, possessor or occupier shall refuse or neglect to cut down the said Canada thistles, the overseers of highways shall enter upon the land and cause all such Canada thistles to be cut down with as little dcimage to growing crops as may be, aud he shall not be liable to be sued in any action of trespass therefor: Provided, that where such Canada thistles are growing upon non-resident lands, it shall not be necessary to give notice before proceeding to cut down the same. 2235 and 2236 provide for collecting the expense from the land. 2239. Every overseer of highways who shall refuse or neglect to discharge the duties imposed upon him by the provisions of this act, shall be liable to a fine of twentyfive dollars.


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