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If you intend buying a piano, we want to say just eight words to you- WE WILL Save You Money on a Piano. This means something when we say it and we will Now is the Time to BUY. Trade in all lines is dull. Money is scarce, and a little money goes a long way. About 4O Rented Pianos Will be brought in for the summer this week. Some are good as new, having been used but a few months, others (three or four years) will go at prices which will astonish you. EVERT PIANO Will be thoroughly tuned, action regulated and repolished and will be warranted, same as new. RIGHT HERE WE WANT TO SAY A certain competitor is offering a piano f or which we are state agents at a price absurdly low and at which it is known it cannot be furnished. Such conduct is beneath the dignity of responsible dealers who are above misrepresentation and falsehood. Parties making such statements simply misrepresent facts and have no intention of making such offers good. A state agency for a reliable piano carries with it reasonable business protection which every legitímate manufacturer invariably gives to those agents who sell his piano. We sell the pianos we represent on their inerits regardless of those sold by others, or misleading statements made by tliem. Dealers havinga reputation usually do the same. Others could follow tliis method to advantage. HERE ARE A FEW PRICES: PRÍ CE, NEW. PRESENT PIÍCE 1 Pitit Bijou Piano, -'--.- $ 90 1 Peek & Son Opera Piano, - - - $325 150 1 Allmendinger Piano (Good as New), ' - - 300 180 1 Allmendinger Piano (Used but Rix Months), 300 200 1 Pease Piano, - - - - - 350 225 1 Brie Piano (Slightly used), - - - 325 235 1 Mehlin Piano (Shop Worn), - - - ' - 450 350 TWO SQUARE PIANOS AT YOUR OWN PRICE [Dp í jljC I 2 Ann Arbor Organs, Odd Styles, 6 Octaves, 10 Stops, to close, $6abö. URuilllU ! 1 Chicago Cottage, 6 Octaves, 13 Stops, - - 65.00. 5i S, JVÍAÍ1NÍ STREET, l. h clement, TIüÍIZ JI IVÍAí Jl ODñD Ol ü üí áí am arpor, Míen. Manager. THE AJMJM ARpOR ORGAIM CO.


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