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Rev. Mr. Williams left for Kansas, Monday. Mr. E. A. Putman returned from his western trip. Mr. and Mrs J. Ii. Ford, are at home this week. Mrs. Alex Smith is visiting friends at Maple Ridge. Air. and Mrs. Stimpson visited Adrián last week. Mr. Walter Throup left for Detroit, Wednesday. Mr. Will Dent will leave for the south in a few days. Mr. Ernest Throup returned to Fenton, Wednesday. Mrs. R. Brown is entertaining guests frorn Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Htnckley visited Adrián, Wednesday. Mrs. H. and Mrs. Alma Sill, visited Ypsilanti last week. Mrs. H. Fuller will leave for Chicago this week for a short visit. Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Whaley, jr., a daughter, July 7. Mr. and Mrs. A. Hatcomb entertained guests from Detroit last week. Editor Smith and wifc left the morning of the 5th for the White City. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Clark entertained guests from Bay City, last week. Mrs. Dr. Palmer is entertaining guests, from New York City, for a few days. Miss Vera Dexter, of Ypsilanti, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alva Dexter, this week. Mrs. Minte will leave for Indianapolis, Ind. , as delégate to the Baptist convention. Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Noalcott and sisters have returned from their visiting tour. A party of 14 Milanites, leave for the White City this week to do the exposition. Frank Swindt, Bruce Pullen and Allen Alderman, have returned from their Chicago trip. The Baptist ladies will indulge in a lawn fete at Mrs. Grace Hitchcock's, Wednesday evening. The Presbyterian ladies will hold their tea social at Mrs. Swindt's residence, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. A. E. Putman and sons, have returned from their visiting tour, to Farmington, and other points. Dr. Messic and son have returned from their northern trip. Tthey made 86 miles on their bicycles in one day. Miss Jennie Lamkin is learning the ways of the Milán postoffice as its future clerk for Postmaster Gauntlett. Rev. G. E. Sloan and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. Eddy, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Kelsey have returned from their Zukey Lake sojourn. Mr. and Mrs. R. Johnsons daughter 8 years of age, died the 4th with diphtheria. Mrs. Johnson is severely ill at present with the same disease. Mrs. 6. Hack and two sisters, were the guests of Mrs. H. Vincent, Friday, the combined ages of the three sisters numbered 246 years, the youngest being 80 years and the oldest 84 years. Mr. and Mrs. Thurlow Blackmer and son, left Saturday p. m. for a visiting trip, they went with horse and carriage and will drive through to Bay City, stopping at different points on their way and will be gone 2 weeks. A large number of the Milan people took in the wreek on the Wabash R. R. , at Whittaker, Sunday, two freight trains tried to pass on the same track, couldn't do it so piled up engines total wrecks, no time lost.


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