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IS YOUR BLOOD IMPURë? Ars you suffering from any Kidney or Female Complaint? Have you Cc Cough, Cold or any disease of Throat, Chest or Lungs ? Is your Liver performingr ts functions properly? If you have any of these complalnts It will certainly pay you to try the medicines mentioned beiow, which are warranted. A REMARKABLE CURE. f, . L, messes. foley & co., Chicago. vJinic arsapanlla Gentlemen : - I had a scrofolous taint of the blood from childhood. An ulcer bi'gan on the , sideof thenose, havingall theappoaranccsof a I he ITlOSt DOWenul BIOOQ most malignant cáncer, became about the size of a silver dollar and ezudeeta thin, otïensive matCJeanser. tor. The agony of mind I Buffered cannot be described as I contemplated the progress of the disease. I was induced to try the Clinic Sarsaparilla ; it appeared to neutralize the poison in the " f " blood, the ulcer ceased. The diseased tissues I lef l,fijr IX ldfieV %_UIS I in tho bottom and edaes of the sore soemed to V"J%' %'' B-v"ii,jí ruiw , loosen and the natural ñesh to take its place. Thus the cure coutinued until an eTon surface Warrantpri fnr all dAnfr remained. No part of the diseaso reraains. Warrantea TOr all Niaiiey Mes. H. B. Adams, Pnrrinlüink 16(19 Wabash Ave., Chicago. OmpiaintS. SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchant of Tampico, 111., writes, August ÍUth, 1S91 : T . , I-I Hf . messks. fojley & co. . r'oley s rloney and lar Gentlemen:- Your Ridnoy Cure is meeting " with wonderful success. It has cured somo Cniicrh Arfiin cases hcro that pliysicians pronounced , W'UUïl Ojl Up able. I, myself, am able to testify to its merite. My face to-riay is a living picture of hfalth, and ,,, , . ,-, your Kidney Curo has made itsneh. I had sufWarranted tne BeSt. fered twenty-seven years with tho diíease, and to-day I feel ten years youngev tlian I did one year ago. I can obtain somo wondeviul certiñcates of its medical qualities. what a phisician says. poiev's Family Pilis .Vgnew, Ottawa Co., Mioh., Fob. H, 1S9S. Gentlemen:- PlefSscnd me six dozen Honey For Constipatioil, Headand Tar at once. Iwiil say ihat withi „,-u„ „„a D;i,'n,,r past two months I have had Ihrc-a or fout ache and BlllOUSneSS. of Pheuraonia, in all of which Iha ■ 'i ■ p. + m-ii-io Honeyand Tar wil ' LJOeS nol gnpe. Yonrï truly, J.C. F - ■ I accept ;o suaeviTyrs m,:-: thess st-lenoid medicines. Thcss tnsdic;,i ". " " ?ry tht roiïovwii-g first-class firms whte are authsrized to r mteo -'..=.!: Bassett te Mason, Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Ianchester, Kobert H. Killian, Ypsilanti, Will Curlett, Dexter, S. L. Chapin, Salem, C. F. Uuterkircher, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Maucliester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fulton, H. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Sou, Whitniore Lake, G. C. Frye & Co., Eniery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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