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As will be seen by a glance at the council proceedings on the eight page, the council held a special meeting, Wednesday night, to consider the propriety of stopping the use of water on lawns and the streets until the reservoir was filled that the city might have ampie fire protection. The reasons were fully set forth by the Mayor in his message found on our eight page. The council passed no resolutions regarding the matter but adjourned until last evening. There was however considerable discussion in which the company was handeled without gloves. Aid Wagner, in particular, took occassion to remind the council of a large number of unfulfilled promises made by Mr. Hamilton. Mr. Titus F. Hutzel, who was present promised to see what could be done and the council adjourned until last evening to hear f rom him. Last night only four of the alderuien got together, the others being out of the city, but in the meantime the company had begun to hustle and were filling the reservoir. The gate was partially closed so that the main part of the water would go into the reservoir and a man was placed at the gate to turn on the full force as soon as the fire bell should ring. Mr. Hutzel stated that they expected to have 800,000 gallons of water in the reservoir by this morning. Several those present last evening had been up to the reservoir yesterday afternoon and reported that the water was running in well over the stand pipe. The Mayor has issued the ing proclamation which all gooc citizens should observe. Owing to the condition of th weather and the want of a sufficien water supply at the present time the danger from fire is imminent We hope tojhaveanabundant supply of water for fire protection within the next few days, but in the mean time, water consumers are urged to be economical in the use of water As an additional precaution, I have appointed Charles A. Edwards spe cial policeman to see that all mate rial placed in alleys that in any manner endangers our safety be re moved forthwith. All good citizens are expected to co-operate with Mr. Edwards and obey his instructions, 50 that it will not be necessary for tiim to resort to the courts. The Drdinance must be enforced. Ann Arbor, August 10, 1893.


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