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The Franklin house has been repainted. The Michigan Furniture Company has begun work again. The choir boys of St. Andrews church are at VVhitmore Lake. The Ann Arbor Rifles go to Saline, Germán Day, August 24. The basement story of the addition of the first ward school is up. Three carloads of freight ran off the track in the yards here, Sunday night. Regular services in the Presbyterian church will be resumed next Sunday. Three candidates for mail carrier took the civil service examination last Saturday. The Ann Arbor road is rebuilding the north end of their bridge across the Huron. The Ann Aibor Light Infantry is the largest company at the Island Lake encampment. A little nine pound daughter arrived at the home of Rev. C. M. Cobern, last Friday. The Light Infantry left for Camp Robinson, Wednesday, passing the Argus office fifty strong. There were 105 applicants for teachers certificates at the examination in this city, last week. Sid W. Millard is delégate of Arbor tent to the Great Camp meeting at Grand Rapids, September 12. Mildred, the four months old' daughter of E. M. Wilson, died of inflammation of the lungs, Monday. Justice Pond married Elvin Blaisdell, of Webster, to Miss Annie Gillespie of Hastings, last Monday. John F. Lawrence Esq., has been elected director in the National bank in place of John M. Wheeler. Our thanks are due M. M. Steffee for a very fine large bass, showing that he is having excellent luck fishing up north. Evening Prayer with sermón will beconducted in the Geddes school house by the Rev. E. M. Duff on Sunday next at 3 p. m. A lawn social of the ladies of the Maccabees will be given at the residence of Mrs. Cousins on South University avenue, this evening. Rev. Mr. Ford, who has been a missionary in Syria for fourteen years, lectured at the Presbyterian church, last Wednesday evening, on Syria. Ex-Lieutenant Governor Strong, of South Rockwell, Monroe county, lost his flouring milis by fire, Monday. Loss $40,000, insured for one third. Bishop Foley has appointed John V. Sheehan and M. J. Cavanaugh of this city delegates to the Catholic congress to be held in Chicago, September 1. Hugh Richards, a delégate from Jackson to the last democratie congressional convention, died last Thursday, aged 69. He was a sterling democrat and a gentleman of the old school. Three cows strayed into the enclosure of F. B. and C. Braun on the Dixboro road last Saturday. On the same day a Shropshire ram strayed into the enclosure of John Jetter on the opposite side of the road. The owners should go after their property. The Washtenaw Farmers Mutual Insurance Company pay $1,876 to S. O. Hadley, of Lyndon, for his barns destroyed by the incendiary fire. C.'W. Harris, of Augusta, was allowed $688.82 for loss by fire and Mary Fanell, of Dexter, $20 for a horse killed by lightning. While Chris Wicks was fixing a crosswire of the street car line on Forest and Washtenaw avenues, Monday, the pole on which his ladder was placed broke, throwing him to the ground twenty feet, cutting his leg and severely bruising him about the head and body. The Ladies' Society of Bethlehem church has elected the following officers: President, Mrs. Elizabeth Bruegel; vice president, Mrs. Sophie Hutzel; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Emanuel Spring; treasurer of poor fund, Mrs. Rickie Wurster; trustees, Mrs. George Walker and Mrs. John Mayer. The advertisement for sealed proposals for the sewer bonds will be found in another column. Sunday, August i3th, the T., A. A. & N. M. R'y will run a cheap excursión from all stations on its line, Toledo to Clare inclusive, to the State Encainpment at Island Lake. Train leaves Ann Arbor at 6:30 a. m. Fare for the round trip, 70 cents. Returning train leaves Island Lake at 6:30 p. m. The fire department was called out twice Saturday. The first alarm was caused by a gasoline stove catching fire in the rear of John Goetz's, on Main street, and the second alarm was caused by a fence fire on South State street across the Toledo track. Not much damage was done by either fire. The Bethel A. M. E. church hold a basket meeting in Campbell's grove at Dixboro .on Sunday next, August 13. Provisión will be made for all who wish to ride at the church, at 8 a. m., Sunday morning, the rate being very cheap. Busses leave at 8:30 a. m. First service at the grove at 10:30; praise meeting at 2 p. m.; and evening service and preaching at 3:30 p. m. Rev. A. Cottman will be assisted by Rev. Mr. Stewart, of Adrián. Come one and all and have a glorious outdoor meeting. Good music. The Farmers' Picnic and Reunión at Whitmore Lake, Saturday, August 19, offers the following program: contests, beginning at 9:30 a. m., boat race, running broad jump, potato race, slow horse race, gentlemen's bicycle race, ladies' bicycle race, 100-yds dash, ' tub race. Speaking and musical program commencing at two o'clock, music, prayer by Rev. J. H. Riddick, music, introductory address by President William Ball, "The Farmer, His Position and Duty," by Rev. C. H. Morgan, of Howell; music, "The Special Perogative of the American Citizen," Rev.L. P. Goldrick, of Northfield; music, "Agriculture as a Factor of Our National Development," County Treasurer Paul G. Sukey, of Pittsfield; impromptu remarks, music. In the evening a torch-light procession of boats, Greek light, illuminated baloon ascensión, etc., are promised.


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