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Horses Stolen And Recovered

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Charles Roberts, living near Saline had a handsome and stylish horse stolen last Saturday night. The Farmers' Vigilance Association offered $25 reward for the horse and $200 for the theif upon conviction. Tuesday Sheriff Brenner and Mr. Roberts recovered the horse at Inkster and continued the search for the carriage finding it near Dearborn. It is believed that the horse was stolen by the two tramps who last Saturday burglarized the house of Mr. Strong on Oxford Street in this city. Tramps answering the description of these two were hanging around Roberts house in the evening. There were two men who drove away with the horse. Not only did they take the horse but a dog which had been given Mr. Roberts by Mr. Yost as a watch dog, sliped his collar and followed the horse off. The tramps were offered a dollar for the dog at one of the toll gates through which they passed but stated that they wanted him to hunt with. The. dog evidently continued with them as he has not been seen since. Early Sunday morning the horse was unharnessed near Dearborn, having been driven off the road back on a farm and turned loose. When the farmer went out to the barn he found there, a stray horse, as he supposed. The horse started for home, ran one of the toll gates and was stopped at the second one and put out. The farmer did not discover the carriage until Monday. Sheriff Brenner, on Monday, had searched the stables in Detroit for Mr. Roberts' horse and on Tuesday, while on his way to find Mr. Roberts horse, at Sheldons, recovered a horse stolen in Detroit, some months previously, concerning which he had been talking to the Detroit offïcers Monday. The horse had been left in a farmers field in exchange for another and more valuable horse without the farmers consent. This more valuable horse has since been recovered in Chicago through sheriff Brenner's instrumentality. It is to be hoped that the whereabouts of the men who stole Mr. Roberts horse may be discovered.


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