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University Day At The World's Fair

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A Free Press dispatch of yesterday tells of Michigan University day at the World's Fair. Jackson Park and Midway Plaisance were captured tonight by graduates and students from Michigan University, and a jollier yet more orderly crowd never made the weikin ring with college songs and yells. The University alumni have preempted old Vienna on the Plaisance and there they may be found every Wednesday night enjoying themselves as only college boys can. night was a state occasion, for an unusual number of Ann Arbor men were in town, and it was feit that a genuine lark was in order. At 6 o'clock something like a hundred University men gathered at the Michigan building and held an informal reunión. Several speeches were made and then a splendid quartette sang a number of songs, the company joining in the choruses with a vigor that awoke the echoes up among the rafters of the handsome structure. Then they sallied forth to do the Plaisance and soon were the main attraction of that remarkable thoroughfare. Arrived at the Parisian theatre they were kindly invited inside by the urbane doorkeeper, who, much to their surprise, levied triDute of a dime on each of his guests. The lady who pounds the aiano in this resort struck up "Comrades," another lady sang it on the stage, and the university men bore down on the chorus with all their might. Forming in regular ranks outside the theater, the visitors marched in lock-step to the street of Cairo and were soon on excellent terms with the Arabs, Turks, Armenians and Tunisians, who joined in the procession and escorted them through the place and followed them out on the Plaisance and left them at the big Ferris wheel with protestations of eternal friendship. Eastward down the midway and south to the administraron building the boys proceded, singing college songs and occasionally giving the college yell which was responded to by other yells from loyal college men of Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin and other institutions of learning. Boats were taken at the lagoon and for an hour the banks were lined with thousands to the songs that floated shoreward from the góndolas and launches. Then the merrymakers scrambled ashore, and after a series of yells that unnerved the Indians in Buffalo Bill's encampment, went their respective ways, well pleased with the jolly celebration. Michigan visitors are coming to the city in regiments. Five registers are required in the state building to receive their names and 3,000 signatures are inscribed in them daily. One register is set apart for Detroit people and at the present rate another will soon be needed.


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