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The Color Of The Tongue

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Keep your eye o;i your tongtie if yon want to be beantilul. It is the weather glass of yor.r interior organization. ïf it shows a bright red, be merry and sing. You are in nghting trim and ought to win, for, as the raddy. noble Gladstone says, nothing is impossible to the well man. If the tongue is pink, be warned, take heed, have a care- and a diet of digestible foods - hot weak tea, hot lemonade, hot cocoa or hot water by the quart, boiled fish, soft eggs, black or brown bread a day or two old and fruit for an aperient by the qnart or potmd. If the tongue is white, any doctor will teil you "it is a bad sign" - and charge you $2 for prescribing a laxative. The very best thing for a person who has nothing to do is a %ist. The systen will adjust itself in its own way if given a chance. Hot beverages are permissible - clear soups, table drinks, etc. The semisick can keep herself very nrnch alive with nothing to eat but oranges, the fibrous parte of conrseto berejected, and in three or four days she will be in prime condilion. The cure is well worth tryiug, but it is not easy and is not


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