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1;YOUn BLOOD IMPURE? Ag yóu sufferlng from any Kidney or A REMARKAELF. CURE. flt-iir prcanarilla messes. foley & co., chican. . Minie ai-saparina Gentlemen :- I had a scrotulous tamt or Ihe blood from childhood. An ulcor began ou aie „. mnt.+ nowerful BlOOd sido of tho nose, havinc all the appourances of a 1 lie muil puwcwui oiuuu most malignant cáncer, became abont the size oí .-, . a silver dollar and ezuded a thin, olïensive Viedllber . ter. The agony of mind I sutfered cannot be desoribed as I contemplatad the progress of the Twüs'induced to ry the Clinio Sarsaparüla ; a5XSeLSsps UseCünic Kidney Cure in the bottom and edges of the sore sceml to . loosen and the natural flesh to take lts place. r,-, Thus the cure continued until an even surface Warranted IOr. all ManeV remained. No part of the disease remaics. , ■ . mks. h. b. adaks, Complaints. 1609 Wabash Ave., Chicago. r SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchant of Tampico, 111., p, ME99rsr.feiuTrh'1891: . Foley's Honey and lar Gentlemen : - Your Kidney Cure is meeting with wonderful success. It, has cured some COUffh öVrUD cases here that physicians prouounced mctirv""o" J ■ able. I, myself, am able to testify to ns ments. %&S!iïiïtetöÏÏL& b nmd LL Warranted the Best. fered twenty-seven jears with tho disease, and to-day I feel ton years younger than I did ons yearago. I can obtain some wonderfiu ceitüioatos of its medical qualitics. _, r"l what a phisician says. Toley's raítiily Pilis Agnev.', Ottawa Co., Mich., Feb. li, 1893. For COHStipatioll, Head&$ZLiÜ@t& ' ache and Büiousness. of Pneumonía, in all oiv.hi.': I hnve used yo-ar DoeS ÜOt 2riDe. Honey and Tar witli the :r .'it gratifjins succes. w & f Yovrs truly, J. C. Bisr;o:. 41. D. ACCEPV HO OUaSTiTUTE FOR THESE SPLENDID MEDICINE8. These mctltc'.haa er fo? Svï! by the f&üawing first-class firms who are euthsrizcd io rtco-ümi'nd J guaranUe ."..i. Bassett & Mason, Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co., Manchester, Kobert H. Killian, YpsUanti, Will Cnrlett, Dexter, S. D. Chapia, Salem, C. F. Unterkircher, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fulton, H. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Son, Whitniove Lake. G. C. Frye & Co., Kmery, T. Berry, Worden.


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