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Lack Of Sensations

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Ernest W. Bordine, of Augusta, has füed a bilí for a divorce from his wife, Mary Bordine, nee Smith. The couple is a very young one, Bordine now suing for the divorce by his next friend, although he gave his age on the marriage license nearly two years ago as 21 and that of his bride 18. They were married by Justice Pond, December 29, 1891. The divorce is asked for on the ground of extreme cruelty, Bordine setting forth in his bilí that a year after their marriage his wife began to exhibit extreme hatred of his mother, who lived with them, exhibited by such acts as tearingthe thumbs off kid gloves belonging to her. He also charges that in June of this year she administered tartar emetic to his mother, his sister, brother-in-law and himself, in their food, which made them sick so that a physician had to be called in.


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