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Report Of The Board Of Education

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The Board of Trustees of School District No. 1, of the city of Ann Ar:or, herewith submit their ThirtySeventh Animal report for the school year endiiig the 4th day of September, .893: RECEIPTS POE 1892-93. Bal. as per Eeport 8 2S2 17 City ireas., Taxes 31,00 00 A. A. Town, Taxes 1,232 98 "ine Money and sale of Catalogues - '0 00 Iut. rec. of A. A. S. Bank... 144 83 ïberbach & Son, error in bül 14 36 -erry, for Ijooks sold 4 00 Jroken Window Lights 45 Vi Lot sold froni lst Ward School Ground 700 00 Priui. School Money (3,298.88 and $2,360.21) 4,658 57 Dog Tax - 4 County Treas., Fine Money. 135 2J Tuition 7,808 61 EXPENDITÜRES OF 1892-93. Salaries of Teachers 31,161 88 " " Secretary and Treasurer - 300 00 Salary of Traant Otticer 120 00 ¦¦ Librarían 450 00 Bonds due Seb. 1,1892 4,000 00 Interest due on Bonds, Feb. 1, lgffi 640 00 Fuel 2,243 91 Janitors 1,620 65 Insurance 45 00 Gas 121 00 Water 200 00 Ventilation in new High School Building 100 00 LibraryBooks 311 96 Improvements 1,043 43 Repairs and Incidentals 2,614 45 nterest to A. A. Savings Bank 35 72 Supplies for Commercial Department f or '93-'94 460 00 $45.467 87 Cash on hand Í 63180 ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES OF 1893-94. Contract for Addition to lst Ward Building ï 4.300 00 Salaries of Teachers 32,775 00 Extra Teachers 500 00 Bonds and Interest due Feb. 1 1894 4,480 00 Janitors' Salaries 1,700 00 Insurance Prem. 500 00 Gas(150), Fuel (S&250) 2,400 00 Water 200 00 [niprovements. Incidentals and Repairs 3,500 00 50,355 00 ESTIMATED RECEIPTS FOR 1893-94. Mlll Tax - t 5,500 00 Primary School Money 4,250 00 Tuitlon 7,250 00 New Bonds, pay able 1S96-97 . . 3,500 00 Bal. Cah on hand 63180 Ï21.131 80 Amount needed .$29,223 20 The bonded indebtedness of the district is $12,000, as follows: Feb. lst, 1894 $4,000 00 ¦¦ 1895 4.000 00 18U6 4,000 00 Ï12,OOO 00 The increase of enrollment in the Primary departments for the past three yëars has been at the rate of 100 and more witbin the past year. In consequence of this, at the last animal meeting the District authorized the Board of Trustees to issue bonds to the amount of $6,000 for the erection of such building or buildings as might bt' deemed neeessary for the acconmiodation of the schools. The proper location for a new building was not an easy matter to determine, as it was necessary to relieve Wards 1, 2 and 4 of a pressure of large numbers of pupils. It was thought desirable to flnd a location somewhere in the district bounded by Main, Hurón, Fiftb and Liberty streets. But when the conditions of play-ground and proper storroundings were considered, this was found to be impossible. It was then deeided that an addition to the first or second ward building was the best thing to be done. The first was selected because its location would relieve the fourth ward much better than if placed in the second. An addition to the second ward would seem necessary in the near future. The addition now being built in the first ward will add two ürstclass rooms to the working capacity of the schools. The addition is made larger than the one on the north side in order to furnish more cloak room- a convenience greatly needed, as the building hereafter "will have eight school rooms. The new rooms are to be finished in first class style and will be heated by Smead furnaces. The satisfactory work done by these furnaces so far as they have been used in this building, seerns to justify the Board in continuing this method of heating and ventilation. The Board has authorized the expenditure of several hundred dollars for fitting up chemical and botanical laboratorios. We have endeavored to avoid all extravagance in the use of f unds for the'district. But we assume that the sentiment ot the commumty is strongly in favor of keeping the facilities of the Hieh School equal to the best that are found in other higli schools. The Board have taken the flrst step toward better ventilation of the old High School Building by directing the Committee on Buildings to investígate and report to the Board on the best method that can be-applied to this building. Some years ago the Board were authorized by vote of the District to raise upon bonds $1,000 for that purpose. The Board have held the bond tor some eight years but have Jiot used it. We trust that by cai'êful investigation the Board will now find the best schenie and so be able to properly discharge its responsijility in this matter. It may be proper to say that the Board, in the appointment of teachers, endeavors to act with the greatest caution, after the most intelligent investigation in each case. The only principie that is permitted to rule their decisions is the quality of the applieant, and the good of the schools. Also the same care is applied to candidates for positioiis as cadets. The purpose is to appoint no one to cadetship who does not seem likely to make a good teacher. We believeour schools are in excellent condition, that they are in the hands of skillful and upright teachers, and that they are working for the best interest of the patrons and the whole community. For a more detailed statement relating to the management of the schools we refer you to the report of Supt. Perry, which has been printed for distribution. September 4th, 1893. President. becretary.


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