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Orange blossoms in the near future. James Gallagher visited his úneles Friday. Miss Allie Hoff spent Saturday in Pinckney. John Harris, of Putnam, called here Friday. Mrs. Nash, of Pinckney, called here, Monday. Mrs. A. Voarhis entertained friends Wednesday. T. French and daughters spent Sunday at the lakes. Mrs. P. Seper spent the week with Detroit friends. Mrs. J. Bowler is entertaining friends from Detroit. James Story and wife entertained friends over Sunday. Chas. Chamberlain spent Sunday with Chelsea friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes visited his sister, Sunday. The Misses Murray entertained their cousins last week. T. Birkett was an Ann Arbor visitor one day last week. Wm. Bailey has gone to Grand Rapids to visit friends. Mr. and Mrs. Serviss are at their cottage on the Portage. Amos. Lindemann, of Lima, was here on business Friday. Mrs. Thos. Eagan was with her Chelsea friends, Tuesday. Eugene Sly visited his most intímate friend over Sunday. Lewis Haab, of Webster, called here the first of the week. Miss Lelia Flintoft is the guest of her cousins for a short time. Mrs. F. Schultz is entertaining her daughter from Ann Arbor. Frank Erwin is spending a few days with his unele in Jackson. Miss Edna Mowers spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister. Mr. Bishop left Sunday evening to spend a few weeks in Mason. Mrs. Thos. Fagan and friend, of Hamburg, visited here Tuesday. E. Howard and family entertained rriends from abroad over Sunday. Miss Dolan, of Grand Rapids, is visiting her sister for a few weeks. P. McCabe, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday with his mother and family. Thomas Rabbit was at Chubbs Corners on business last Thursday. Mrs. Gay, who has been quite ill, s somewhat better at this writing. Mrs. John Hill spent Saturday and Sunday with Ann Arbor friends. Misses Alice and Mamie McCabe spent Friday with Pinckney friends. Mrs. John Pidd entertained her sister and friend the last of the week. Chas. Andrews, of Ann Arbor, made us a pleasant cali on Thursday. Miss Myrta Taylor and brother spent Sunday with friends in Chilson. Rep. Newkirk and wife and daughter spent Sunday with her father. Miss Mollie Irwin, of Ann Arbor, is spending a few weeks with friends ïere. T. Dolan and family had the pleasure of entertaining friends the past :ew days. Mr. Schermerhorn and friend, of Pinckney, called here one day recently. Mrs. E. Campbell and daughter, Miss Nellie, spent the past week in Dixboro. Mr. and Mrs. H. Ayers, of Detroit, visited friends here the first of the week. Mrs. Geo. Flintoft and daughter, of Hamburg, visited here the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Donges, of Scio, were Sunday guests of relatives in this place. Miss Edith Warren has resigned lier position as clerk in Alley. & Sons store. Mr. and Mrs. C. Brogan, of Marión, spent Sunday with her mother and sisters. Mrs. S. T. Morris started Saturday morning for her new home at Red Jacket. Mr. H. Stoup, of Ypsilanti, spent several days of the past week with his daughter. Mrs. A. Chamberlain and family have been entertaining friends the past few days. N. Reid and J. Roberts, jr., made their Scio friends a short cali the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. John Shehan and famiiy, of Hamburg, spent Sunday with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Barber spent the last of the week with friends in Livingston county. Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Jewell, of Silver Lake, visited their parents one day last week. The Misses Annie and Daisy Reason, of Pinckney, were guests of the Missses Taylor, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Mowers had the pleasure of entertaining a number of their friends, Wednesday. Miss Blanche Cushman returned home on Saturday evening, after a week's stay at Cavanaugh Lake. A Httle son of James Lyman had the misfortune to break his leg by fallingdown stairs one day last week.


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